Mobile device usage has grown by leaps and bounds and is still growing.

According to eMarketer, global mobile usage is expected to surpass 4.5 billion people by the end of this year. However as the mobile user base is expanding, what are the demands and expectations of the mobile users? Are people really making online purchases through their mobile? Let’s find out.


Mobile Platform Nudges the Customer along the Sales Funnel

Success on the mobile platform is beyond actual sales. A surprising fact is that majority of the consumers do not really make a purchase from their mobile devices. Now, hold up, does that mean it is not really effective in generating revenue for the business?

No, the mobile platform is certainly helpful to create micro-moments that eventually push the customer to make that purchase. Most of the sales are actually influenced by mobile touchpoint. So, businesses should pay more attention to engage mobile users and thereby drive sales. Effective usage of big data and other user-behavioural analytical tools to understand what drives traffic to the business will help a great deal.


Mobile Users are Not Willing to Wait

Now, when it comes to having a mobile-friendly website, not only is it an absolute must-have for businesses to have, but also it must be fast. Mobile users expect the page to load fast and if not they will abandon and move elsewhere.

Also, it is interesting to note that mobile users prefer mobile apps than spending time in a browser. So, taking the time and effort to develop a mobile app will certainly be helpful.


Mobile Usage at an All-time High

Most homes have one desktop or laptop, but multiple mobile devices. The first thing you do before waking up and the last thing you do before you sleep is probably checking your mobile. Hence, if businesses are not targeting customers on their mobile devices, they are missing out on a massive opportunity.

It is highly imperative to include mobile devices as part of the company’s digital marketing purview.


Mobile Devices Help to Find the Best Deals

Mobile content is not restricted to having an app or mobile-friendly website. It is also about driving more traffic and conversions. An interesting fact – mobile users use their smartphones to find the best deals, coupons, and bargains while shopping in-store or online.

Mobile users expect to find the best bargains on their smartphone. Definitely, creating a well-thought-out mobile marketing management strategy to lure customers will improve the bottom line of almost any kind of business. There is no denying on that!

Above all, customer demands and expectations constantly keep changing and the company’s mobile marketing strategy should be in tandem. All retailers should buck up and be ready to take advantage of the trends in mobile usage and expectations.

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