Whether you are hired to hire employees or train them, you need a unique skill set to do your job well. HR professionals who are well-versed, experience, and skilled don’t come by easily. This is why organisations all across the world are scouting for professionals with competencies and knowledge in the domain. Professionals who have pursued credible courses for HR professionals are being given priority over those who don’t have industry certification.

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Top HR Skills for 2022

Based on research and extensive analysis, here are the most sought after HR skills you must possess to build a thriving career:-


1. Hiring and Firing Skills

If you have pursued credible courses for HR professionals, you probably already know this. But for those who haven’t – most HR’s graduates have their first job is in the line of recruitment and talent acquisition. Professionals in this domain are required to scour through piles of curriculum vitae, interview even more people, and find the right fit for a specific role. And this activity is conducted all year round in every organisation. So if you are striving to build a career in this domain, start by backing yourself up with some hiring and firing skills.


2. Decision Making Skills

Considering the increasing complexity of the workforce and companies’ specific requirements, the role of HR is becoming complex every day. Ranging from getting people who fit in culturally, payroll, managing change, and upskilling, HR professionals are required to make the tough calls. Who gets selected, who deserves more raise, who performed the best, and who needs to be fired – these are all critical decisions that the HR manager needs to make. So yes, decision-making skills are a no-brainer for aspiring HR professionals.


3. Training and Developmental Skills

Another function that HR is responsible for is training and development. HR managers are responsible for presenting employees with development and growth opportunities to maximise performance and increase value. Organising extensive sessions on leadership, communication, and management, for instance, can provide more diverse skills to employees. This allows them to fast track their career role and perform their responsibilities more effectively. Sure, there are a lot of challenges in HR management; however, by enrolling for credible courses for HR professionals, you can gain a solid understanding of the challenges and solutions in HRM.


4. Budgeting Skills

Every year organisations set out budget meetings to decide how much to spend on appraisals, training, internal events, corporate gifts, and R&R’s. HR professionals are responsible for keeping track of this budget and making sure that everyone is well compensated. This becomes challenging in real life since there are several unnecessary activities and unplanned events. So you need to possess budgeting skills that can help you stay within the limit and not overspend.


Practical application of these skills can be gained by enrolling for courses for HR professionals. One such online course you can rely on for expert guidance is the program in human resource management from IIM.


5. Organisational Skills

Organisational skills? You are not onto the path to become a general manager, so why do you need to possess organisational skills? There may be underlying differences between general management and HR management; however, both the domains require exceptional organisational skills. HR entails a lot of functions that are NOT limited to recruitment, training and performance appraisals. As an HR professional, you’ll be required to systematically file employee profile, carry out administrative tasks, and plan HR offsites – all of which require you to be organised and able to handle multiple tasks.


6. Adaptability Skills

It is critical to understand when it’s time to modify old policies, create new ones, and help employees embrace change. For instance, it is imperative to scrap old working policies in the current pandemic situation, implement new work from home policies, and help employees adapt to this transition. Furthermore, HR professionals are also required to forecast the need for change, which requires up-to-date knowledge into the domain’s latest trends and themes.


The ideal and cost-effective way to gain this knowledge is by enrolling for credible online courses for HR professionals. One such online course professionals are relying on is the program in human resource management from IIM. Offered on the Talentedge platform, this course provides exposure to the latest trends and popular tools you can leverage to stay on top of such developments.


7. Negotiation Skills

With differently cultured employees, there may often be two or more opposing views. To become a successful HR pro, you need to know how to accept the middle ground. Remember, the goal of negotiation here is to end up with all the parties being satisfied, and that’s not easy to achieve. This is where credible courses for HR professionals come in handy. By way of case studies, projects, and real-life scenarios, these courses help professionals build prowess in negotiation, be it in terms of salary settlement or conflict resolution.


Seven Skills, But Also One Caveat

HR is a domain of several specialities. It is imperative for HR professionals to gain a stronghold in every speciality and an understanding of what makes the business tick. Never think of HR in isolation because that is what the rest of the organisation will think too. So grab the front seat, take control, and make things happen.


8. Hone em’ Skills

Learning and acquiring each skill requires more than theoretical or bookish knowledge. It requires practical experience. So to inherit this goldmine of HR skills, consider enrolling for credible courses for HR professionals. The program in human resource management from IIM is the ideal choice as it can help you understand the fundamentals of HR, its interfaces, tools & techniques, along with the strategic role of HR and global standards. So whether you are an early HR professional or an established one, this online course can help you build the skills you require for HR leadership roles in the global environment.


What are you waiting for? Scour the Talentedge website for the courses in human resource management from IIM, enrol yourself, and make yourself adept for any HR role.



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