Covid-19 has given a new order of life as we know it, impacting human lives personally, professionally, and mentally. As the world begins to recuperate from the pandemic, new norms will navigate success, which also means that professionals must accelerate the need to enhance their skills.


Regular leadership and communication skills will no longer be relevant. The entire landscape of the job market will undergo major changes. And the only way to survive this is by upskilling.

Transformational Leadership


Optimising leadership, communication, and performance are key. This is where online strategy programs come in handy. These online programs can help you develop the requisite skills to thrive in a post-pandemic world. But before you do that, let’s help you discover the skills you need to acquire.

1. Effective Comms


Times are changing. Businesses are not only trying to stay abreast with the new ways of operating but also trying to keep their employees satisfied too. Now more than ever, the significance of communication can be realised. And leaders are posed with the responsibility to communicate with their teams effectively & virtually.


From creating guidelines to laying down a reinvigorated business strategy, and communicating it effectively organisation-wide is what’s expected of leaders and managers in the post-pandemic world. You can leverage online strategy programs with an up-to-date curriculum that entails strategies and tips to communicate with stakeholders, teams, and clients effectively remotely and on-site.

Strategic Management Course from XLRI


2. Technological Competence


With the majority of employees working remotely or from home, logging into Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom at the beginning of the day has become the new normal. Leaders and managers must keep up with these technologies to lead their teams effectively and manage the workflow.


From collaborating on projects to ensuring timely deliverables, every task is being conducted via technology. So it’s only natural to expect aspiring and established leaders to possess technological competence in today’s world.

3. Adaptability in a VUCA World


If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is the importance of adapting to change, especially in situations that are out of our control. The pandemic has caused a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) situation, and those who adapt to it are going to be the only survivors.


The key? Resilience, flexibility and the ability to manage change. And these are not just cliche or big fancy words; they are the reality; these words represent every skill you need to acquire.


The leadership and strategy courses from XLRI can help you do just that. By exposing you to the challenges of a VUCA world, these courses can help you overcome real-world issues. And not just that, these online strategy programs can also provide an in-depth understanding of the peculiarities of global strategic management, so you’ll have a well-rounded education in the domain.

4. Ability to Build Strong and Cohesive Teams


Whether your company chooses to work full-time, part-time or leverages a hybrid work-from-home model, a standard 9-5 workday will become a thing of the past. In fact, in several organisations, it already has. Companies have begun to apprehend the advantages of offering employees the flexibility to work at their own pace and schedule, increasing productivity.


This is where online strategy programs play a crucial role. By incorporating several collaboration projects in the curriculum, these programs help you understand the most important characteristics of leadership and management.

5. Digital Skills – To Survive the New Tech World


Organisations worldwide are investing millions in automating business processes. However, to utilise this investment and reap its benefits, organisations need skilled professionals who are able to understand the complexities of these emerging technologies. And since customers have moved to online channels, that’s where the organisations need to outshine.


So digital skills, mainly in AI, ML, data analytics, and cloud computing, can help you respond to the post-pandemic situation and thrive in the new digitally advanced environment.


Ready to acquire some digital skills that’ll prevent you from being a dinosaur in today’s progressive world? Enrol for the leadership and strategy courses from XLRI. Offered in collaboration with Talentedge, these courses can help you realise the importance of digitally enhanced offerings and interactions.


6. Cognitive Skills – Innovation and Scalability


Change and uncertainty have become the unfamiliar order, so companies need to transform how they respond to problems in the current business landscape. To embrace resilience and stay abreast, a huge need for innovation and creativity has unearthed. Professionals who fulfil this need are the only ones who will thrive, and the rest will not survive.


With the adoption of remote and hybrid working models, organisations are on the lookout for professionals who can work in a highly dynamic, ambiguous and evolving business environment. If you want to be one of those, enrol for credible online strategy programs and stand yourself apart from the competition.

7. Management Skills – Emotional and Social


Whether you are leading in the post, pre, or during the pandemic, management skills are key. Strengthening these skills to drive change and maintain professional relationships is imperative. Especially in distanced working models, leaders must possess advanced communication skills that are critical for supporting the people.


Experts are saying that, after the pandemic, the need to cultivate emotional and social skills will increase flexibility and agility at the workplace, making acquiring these skills more important.


The Urgency of Bridging the Skills Gap

As you may have noticed, the business landscape is changing rapidly. Organisations are becoming more adept at technologies like ML, AI, big data, etc. With this rapid influx of digital solutions, organisations are opening new roles and job opportunities requiring specialised talent and relevant skills.


The ideal approach to be a part of this workforce is to pursue credible online strategy programs. These programs can help you understand the impact of the new developments and how to survive in the new normal. One such array of courses with an updated curriculum are the leadership and strategy courses from XLRI. Offered on the Talentedge platform, these courses are helping professionals close the skills gap so if you strive to do the same, scout for the leadership and strategy courses from XLRI and enrol yourself TODAY!


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