That wasn’t just a comic strip. It’s a fact plaguing many organizations today. Don’t believe it? Here are some more numbers that will shake you up.


  • 70 percent of projects fail. [source: 4 PM]
  • Only 2.5% of companies successfully complete 100% of their projects. [source: Gallup]
  • 17% of large IT projects fail so badly that they threaten the very existence of the company [source: Calleam]


Organizations often take Project Management for granted without realising that many of its activities and functions are project related. In fact, three-quarters of projects fail because senior management doesn’t get involved. [source: Capterra]. Successful Project Management only ensures sustained profitability and the existence of organizations.


Many managers do not realize that project management is not just progressing reporting on MS Project or nagging follow-ups on deadline. There’s People Management, Risk Assessment and so much more. But you can master everything there is to learn about Project Management with Executive Development Program in Project Management from XLRI.


This a comprehensive course that will bring you up to speed about everything in Project Management. The course has been created by XLRI keeping in mind the latest trends and industry standards. Pursuing this course is good for you in more ways than one. Here’s how:


  • Hands-on interface with project simulations & project tools along with a workshop on Project Risk Management
  • Learn about current domain trends and contemporary practices from industry experts
  • A holistic approach towards evaluation and management of Business & IT Projects with separate specialized modules for IT and Non-IT Project Managers
  • Learn in a group setting of high-experience professionals and build your network
  • Get certified by XLRI, one of India’s leading Management institute


Adding Project Management to your skillset not only opens you up to a range of opportunities that will help you move up in the corporate chain, but it also makes you an effective and efficient Project Manager. This inherent acquired skill will help you in on-time, within-budget project closures. Executive Development Program in Project Management from XLRI is the right choice in the direction of being a good project manager.


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