Email marketing is one of the most powerful means to reach and retain customers. Statistics say that email has the highest usage between the web and mobile device users. Customers tend to trust and prefer email marketing more and are open to communicating with businesses through email. A complete digital marketing course will equip you with the knowledge and skills related to email marketing.


Email marketing is on the decline for the past few years due to the volume of promotional emails people get and use of spam filter. To distinguish your emails from the crowd and run an impactful campaign, you must clearly chalk out an email marketing strategy. Best courses in digital marketing will help you do this. Here are some quick tips.


Focus On Content: Well-drafted, to the point, clear and informative content will you an edge over competitors. Lousy, lengthy, confusing content with unnecessary jargon will fail to grasp customers’ attention.


Personalize Meaningfully: Customers get wary of emails with their names or personal greetings on the subject line and most of these go straight to spam. Base personalization of email content on data about past purchases, trends, needs or information already volunteered to you. When done responsibly and meaningfully, personalization positively affects purchase decisions and click-throughs.


Leverage Social Media to generate leads build your mailing list and engage with your customers.


Crisp, Catchy, Clear Subject Lines improve the open rates of your emails. If subject lines are long, not appealing or creepy, the customers will avoid such emails.


Choice of Send Time Is Crucial in deciding the click-through rates and sales. Data suggests that most emails are opened after work between 8 pm and midnight and that emails sent on weekends have better open and conversion rates than those sent on weekdays.


Optimization For Mobile Devices: Nearly half of emails received are opened on mobile devices. Design your emails to open on mobile devices and use a template that is responsive and automatically changes to a mobile-friendly view.


Offer Incentives such as offers, discounts, etc. to improve customer engagement and click-throughs. Create appropriate landing pages, tests different offer options and develop a series of emails around your customer’s product of interest.


Reactivate Dormant Customers through email marketing campaigns tailored exclusively for them through loyalty programs, special offers, discounts, etc. Find out why they are inactive and accordingly address their concerns. It is best to remove those who continue to remain dormant from your database.


Plan And Test Your Email Marketing Strategy for better output. Planning seasonal and festival campaigns well in advance and maintaining an editorial email calendar will work to your advantage. Always do A/B tests, testing options for email-marketing campaigns including offers, CTAs, timing, etc. and analyze the data about click-throughs to formulate an effective marketing strategy.


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