In a world where change is constant, there is a perennial need to learn a new skill, acquire knowledge, and gain respective qualifications that are relevant in today’s technologically driven market. In a highly progressive digital economy, the demand for uniquely skilled professionals with both technical as well as analytical skills is stimulating job creation. As a result, it is creating competition amongst employers to look for secure and valuable talent.

In such a competitive and time-starved world, the importance of E-learning is at par. E-learning provides people ranging from graduates to mid-level professionals, with the tools to add value to their current skillset and broaden their horizons without the constraints of time or place.


Importance of E-learning in 2020

As 2020 is closing in, it is natural to expect that people will have some benefits of online education and that their overall learning curve is going to grow significantly. So, what is the E-learning Scope in India? What are the benefits you will have out of the best and latest online educational system that will transform the learning you know in a completely personalized type of education?


Let’s find out!


AI Learning

The first thing evident to change in 2020 is the way of learning. E-learning and artificial intelligence are going to replace the teachers and professors at some point. Artificial intelligence is much cheaper to maintain, though a bit expensive to set up, once it is set up, there is not much you need to do.

In fact, AI learning is already being implemented in forms of self-tutoring and learning platforms where teachers only monitor the whole process and work on virtual assignments. With the increased use of AI learning, it is natural to expect that this will change the face of the educational system substantially.


The Role of a Teacher is Different

You must be aware of the fact that a teacher is someone who can teach and develop your knowledge using his/her expertise and experience, but thanks to the evolving technology, the role of a teachers are going to change.

Traditional education system renders teachers as people who are the source of knowledge, but the online modern educational systems use the teacher only to encourage students to dive deep into the sea of knowledge and learn more.

The goal here is to switch the focus of self-learning, whilst the teachers control the development and learning phase so the students can advance in the right direction.


Self-directed Learning

Another amazing benefit that we have is the E-learning scope in India is leaning towards self-learning, as you can tailor your courses to everything you are really interested to study in. This is to cut down unnecessary subjects and things you never want to deal with. For example, if you want to learn to be a doctor, then you don’t have to study what torque is in physics.


Summing Up

As a result of an increase in the importance of E-learning, a number of institutions are now offering flexible online learning solutions in addition to traditional syllabuses. This embarks as a new beginning for online learning in the upcoming years.

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