Advertisement jingles have always enthralled you and the witty one-liners acted as your motivation. You have a way with words and think you can make brands come alive with them. Then, whether you have yet made up your mind or not, a marketing communication and advertising career might be just the right fit for your professional life.


Not everyone has the ability to make words music for the audience’s ears. Not everyone receives stimulation by creating great written or video content. However, everyone loves to read or consume great content. A marketing communication and advertising career can open the gates to people’s heart for you or more appropriately, your words. Here are a few reasons to pick marketing communication and advertising as your career path:


The industry is in flux mode

Marketing communication and advertising is going through a huge change. Traditional advertising is getting sidelined by web and mobile advertising. With an increasing number of people connected to some wired or wireless device for a major part of the day, people consume more online content. Traditional advertising is not done with but online and traditional advertising are now complements. Traditional advertising works as the first step in the multi-step consumer conversion process where online advertising helps in closing the deal. The creation of these multi-layers has opened up a plethora of roles for marketing and advertising professionals.


Startup space has exploded

An upsurge in the startup space has meant an increased demand for marketing communication and advertising professionals. Product is key but with no advertising, a startup can die an early death. No startup wants that and hence, they want to make sure they have the best marketing and advertising talent on-board. Startups are also willing to give newcomers, with a fire in their belly and creativity as their core competence, a chance in the industry.


Because communication is your life blood

More than anything else, advertising and marketing is about constant communication. You get to communicate with a large canvas of people. Depending on the size of your company or advertising agency, you could be communicating with a local or global audience. If communicating and getting your ideas across to people is what gives you a kick, then this is “the” career option for you.


Travel and a myriad of learning opportunities

Marketing communication and advertising careers are not always desk jobs. Both, marketing and advertising may require you to travel across the length and breadth of your country or even abroad. This opens up a vast learning horizon. Since the field is all about connecting the dots of social fabric and presenting it in a creative way to the audience, more travel means more knowledge and greater creativity. So, if you love travel, then also this field is a great career option.


If the above reasons motivate you then you might be cut out for a role in marketing communication and advertising. There are several advertising certificate programs and enrolling right away is what you might want to do.

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