59% of consumers prefer to buy new products from brands familiar to them.


Let’s test this theory – for instance; you want to buy the new truly wireless earphones. Now you scout Amazon or Flipkart for truly wireless earphones and you are bombarded with several brands and their product offering.


If you are down to make a choice between JBL, boAt, and pTron, which one are you most likely to choose?


Of course, your first choice is going to be JBL as is it a renowned brand for electronics. However, if you prefer a budget-friendly option, you might even opt for boAt as these brands are familiar.


Well, that’s what you have to do – build a brand, not just a business.


There are several credible sales and marketing programs available on the internet that can help you gain in-depth knowledge about critical elements of marketing management, branding, and sales. However, if you aspire to get started RIGHT NOW, continue reading…

Brand Management Courses

Tips for Successful Branding, Sales, and Marketing


1. Make Your Site Visible in Search Results

50 % of website traffic comes from organic search results of engines like Google and Bing.


Google uses an algorithm to rank websites on the search engine results page. The higher you rank, the closer you appear to the number one search result.


What’s more, 92% of searchers don’t move past page 1.


Now you need people to recognise your brand, and that can happen only when you’re visible. This is where branding comes in. Your brand will rank better when Google sees that people like your brand. To achieve these high rankings, you need to apply creative SEO strategies, and it all begins with a user-friendly website.


2. Develop a Written Style Guide

Do have a written branding style guide for communication and content curation? If not, you need to create one immediately.


A written style guide is a document that entails how your digital branding and marketing strategies will be aligned. To market or promote your business across the world wide web and social media platform, you must ensure your style guide includes:-

  • Logo, slogans, etc
  • Similar font Style
  • Font sizes for various heading, subheadings and body text
  • Colour palette
  • Videos/animations/graphics
  • Langauge style and terms or how you relate to people through creatives
  • Patterns/backgrounds
  • CTA
  • Outreach methods/channels


As you devise branding strategies, you can return to this and update it if you think something works better. Credible sales and marketing programs can help you learn how to curate an effective and all-inclusive written style guide. One such course that lays emphasis on every facet of branding, sales, and marketing is the MICA marketing & brand management communication program offered on the Talentedge platform.


3. Research Competitor Brands Within Your Industry

Take Zomato and Swiggy, for instance. These are competitor food ordering applications that are offering unique and enticing push notifications. Their new digital marketing and branding strategy is based on leveraging Bollywood songs, dialogues, famous sayings, capturing trending memes, and anything that is trending on the internet.


Now, Zomato was the first in line to devise this strategy, and Swiggy followed. How?


By conducting competitor analysis and by studying how well they have gone about building a brand name. You can learn how to do the same by enrolling for credible sales and marketing programs available online. In fact, there are marketing certifications that can help you land a well-paying job and provide exhaustive knowledge of the domain.


4. You Can’t Be Everything to Everyone, So Segregate and Target

Determine the target audience you need to focus on while keeping in mind who exactly are you trying to reach. You can tailor the mission and message to meet their exact needs.


To understand it better, let’s take another look at the marketing and branding strategy of Zomato.


Zomato is a food ordering platform used mostly by young adults who are tired of having home-cooked meals and want to try something new but from the comfort of their own home.


Their messages, notifications, and deals cater to the same. Now, what would happen if they start curating content that only baby boomers can understand? The target audience will not be able to relate to them and stop ordering or switch to another platform, right?


So the key is to be specific.


1. Establish Your “Why”

Just like you need a reason to get up every day, so does your branding and marketing efforts.

  • Does your mission have a clear expression of what the company goals are?
  • Are you aware of what value your organisation provides?
  • Does your organisation have a purpose for existing?


Everything ranging from your logo, tagline, to voice, message, and tonality should reflect that mission.


Several intricacies need to be kept in mind when it comes to sales, branding and marketing. By pursuing the MICA marketing & brand management communication program, you can learn everything you need to look out for to create an engaging and impactful branding campaign.


2. Listen to the Data

Data analytics has unarguably become the key to your customers’ mind. However, it should always be in line and support the strategy brand-building goals of your organisation.


You’ll be amazed to know that 75% of small business sites do not leverage analytical tools to track their performance.


Ensuring that your organisation or brand’s website has Google Analytics installed is the first step towards building a strong brand. The tool is absolutely free and gives you loads of valuable information related to user behaviours, preferences, conversions, etc.


The MICA marketing & brand management communication program emphasises data analytics and reporting. So to gain hands-on experience in analytical tools like Google Analytics, consider enrolling for this incredible online course offered by MICA, a top-rated institution for marketing professionals.


Dive Deeper into Branding, Sales and Marketing With an Online Program

The ideal and cost-effective way to gain in-depth knowledge about branding strategies, sales, and intuitive marketing is by upskilling. There are several sales and marketing programs available online that can provide you with a theoretical understanding of the domain. All you need to do to enrol for an online branding or digital marketing course, free or paid, is:-

  • Scour the internet for sales and digital marketing program
  • Choose one that a reputable institution like MICA accredits
  • Enquire about the fees
  • Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria
  • And sign up.


If you are looking for a more focused and practical knowledge, consider the MICA marketing & brand management communication program.


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