Managing a project successfully is not everyone’s cup of tea. People struggle to manage it and do it well. They work proactively to keep improving their project management skills and also to remain abreast of the new approaches and models that keep coming up in this space. Project management courses online have started becoming more and more sought after in the current business context. They impart high levels of know-how in this space.


However here are some 4 project management tactics that can be applied anytime and are not affected by the changing business climate.


  1. Having a collaborative approach – You are the project manager. But a project manager is only as good as the team he or she leads. Leading a team is not about giving instructions and delegating tasks to be completed. These are just some tasks in the entire project management process. The main aspect is to ensure that there are enough brainstorming sessions and the team’s inputs are taken into account. This kind of collaborative approach always works well during project management.
  2. Having a clear tracking mechanism – Evaluation of the project is a key exercise. But if you factor in a clear and regular tracking mechanism within the project management process itself, it ensures that when the final evaluation takes place the project is on the right track and will meet the goals that are planned for it.
  3. Factoring in the buffers – Every project hits roadblocks that have not been envisioned. When you design your plan, make sure to factor in the buffers and time to deal with unplanned challenges. That way you will always remain on target to achieve your milestones and usually have a predetermined solution ready to be customized to the situation that arises. There will be crisis situations and when you make your project plan, do incorporate them.
  4. Keeping the leadership team updated – No matter what the situation of the project is at any given point in time, a regular update to the leadership team goes a long way in ensuring that they know the project status. It also keeps them looped in and prepared to handle any escalation if and when it arises. So this is important for a project manager to do, for any kind of project.


These are some important steps that project managers must remember and follow as crucial tactics. No matter what kind of project or team you are managing, these will work irrespective of that.


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