The dissimilarities between project management and general management are not very obvious. However, there are a few aspects that set each other apart, giving them each a special definition.


Business management certification courses are essential for managerial success and help aspiring business executives to ascend the career ladder swiftly. Industry recognized certification courses add immense value to the business manager portfolio and improve employability prospects for industry freshers.


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What is Project Management?


Project Management Courses


Project management consists of organizing, motivating, planning and resources, protocols, and controlling procedure to attain specific goals of a  particular project. The focus is on the manufacture of a specific result taking into account the time-constrained and temporary nature of the mission. Top-tier business management certification courses like Certified Project Manager(CPM), Certified ScrumMaster(CSM) and Master Project Manager(MPM) are extremely valuable in project initiation, planning execution, controlling, and closing of the project.


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What is General Management?


General management can be portrayed as a coordination methodology between resource consumption and the time taken for achieving a specific objective of a business. The present business environment is on the fast track towards evolution and convergence towards the international wave of Industry 4.0. The general management online course from IIM Raipur is a potent certification course with the singular aim of upskilling working professions and gearing them to foresee and make maximum utilization of business opportunities.


General management refers to leadership and analytical skills. General management principles are particularly useful for modern entrepreneurs and enable them to become outstanding agile managers. The primary role of general management would be to ensure stakeholder satisfaction. Profit-making, introducing new roles and responsibilities to existing employees, and producing high-quality goods at a minimal cost to customers are the main thrust areas of General Management.


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  • General management is used for continuous procedures or certain functions of organizations, companies etc. Project management is employed in transient projects which are time-sensitive.
  • The resources available in project management are limited. On the contrary, general management is endowed with massive resource allocation to maintain functional continuity.
  • There is a single clear objective for project management, whereas in general management there are no definite start and endpoints and it lacks a clear singular objective.
  • General management is more resource and machine-oriented. Project management lays greater emphasis on human resources.
  • General management principles are repetitive, non-unique, and involve simple team building. Project management involves non-repetitive, unique, and complex team-building processes.


Learning Opportunities


Business management certification courses help aspiring managers in providing a multidimensional overview of the business ecosystem and strengthen the fundamental understanding of various applications of business management. General management online course from IIM Raipur is particularly useful for business heads and functional managers by imbibing them with a 360-degree approach to management and providing a razor-sharp focus on emerging trends such as the digital economy and entrepreneurship.


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Final thoughts


The principal difference between a project and general management does not involve leadership skills per se but in the scope of roles and responsibilities that are present within each role.


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