Advertising is the means of communicating the rational or emotional benefits of a brand to the targeted audience of that brand. The brand can be a product or a service or both. It can also be an organization or a person. Advertising is a message that is crafted for a defined audience to evoke their interest in the brand which is being promoted through an advertising campaign. The modes of advertising may vary. A brand can communicate its message in a variety of ways. It can be through the medium of television, print, radio, internet, outdoor hoardings etc. While the medium may vary, the essence of the message is common across all the mediums. A career in advertising requires professionals to be trained in handling the creative as well as operational part of all the above mediums. A student interested in a career in advertising can pursue an advertising management online course or even an offline course through a college.

Advanced Certificate In Advertising Management And Public Relations


All advertising professionals can either create advertising campaigns, buy media space for the different mediums like television channels or publications for those advertisements or measure the effectiveness of those campaigns. Some professionals are into the domain of client servicing and engage with companies about the campaign brief. The creative people, such as copy writers and directors, work on the content of the campaign basis the brief given to them. Advertising professionals are mostly employed in advertising agencies.


The courses for advertising are available at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. It makes sense to start your advertising career by getting properly groomed through an advertising course. It involves classroom teaching as well as internship projects. Internships are crucial to gain a real-life understanding of the life of an advertising professional. It also gives a ring side view of the industry and the work requirements to the aspirants.


Since there are many fields within advertising, it is a good idea to understand where one’s skills and interests are and accordingly specialise in it. A person may go for the creative side of copy writing or the strategic side of client servicing. He may also choose to go in ad space sales or advertising research.


Advertising is a creative field which requires a lot of focus and the capacity to work in strict deadlines. An aspirant should have these skills in order to succeed in advertising.


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