Strategic thinking is the ability of the human mind to think about a goal or objective and endeavour to achieve it by making a well-thought plan. It is a cognitive function of the mind. In a business, it is the process of generating and applying business-related insights to create a competitive advantage for a company in the market. Studies have shown that strategic thinking is the most critical element of leadership. A company should, in fact, train its employees to think strategically. To learn why business strategy is important, companies are urging employees to hone strategic thinking skills by enrolling in an international business course online or offline.

Strategic Management Courses


Strategic thinking is a skill that an employee can learn to help him see and assess the situation, plan for the future and manage the present. It allows the employees to think systemically. They are able to identify the issues properly and assess the impact of their decisions on various sections of the organization.


Therefore, organizations should train their employees to gain the skill of thinking strategically. The first thing that a company should do is to give out some information regarding the company to the managers. Information is the key to thinking strategically. The managers can be provided with information regarding the company’s revenue, key performance areas, competition analysis, technologies and infrastructure etc. With some broad information about the environment around them, managers will act as leaders and will be thinking beyond their day-to-day operations.


A company can create mentoring programs to instil strategic thinking by connecting the new managers with the veterans in the company. In addition, a company should reward the thinking pattern of the employees and not just their operational efficiency. In this way, the company will be able to promote a culture of long-term vision, foresight and future perspective. This will be good for the organization as the employees will forego short cuts and lay stress on the overall benefits. Employees, in general, should be held accountable and asked questions about their course of action. Questions like ‘why’ and ‘when’ instead of just ‘what’ and ‘how’ lead them to think strategically.


Any company depends on strategic thinking to achieve optimum efficiency on its strategic management practices. Strategic thinking has to be displayed by its employees so that they can generate ideas and insights and execute them to provide the organization with a competitive advantage.


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