Sales department plays a crucial role in the successful outcomes of the business. $6 billion is invested by organizations in sales training and improvement that include marketing & sales management courses from inhouse training departments or outside institutions.


Marketing plays an essential role in the creation and reinforcement of relationships between customers and the organization. Certified marketing courses prepare marketing professionals to face escalated competition in the digital era.


Proper Integration of Sales and Marketing Functions in Organizations


Marketing and Sales are equally important components of the sales process. Here are a few reasons as to how to create harmonious relationships by integrating marketing and sales functions is crucial for business success.


  1. Foster Friendship

People tend to work better when they know and like each other. The rivalry between sales and marketing can be toned down by an informal lunch gathering, visit to a bowling alley and engage in other outdoor activities. The tangible benefits derived from bringing these teams together will translate into productivity and quality engagement and improves the company’s bottom line.


  1. Create an Inclusive Strategy

A comprehensive all-encompassing business strategy should be shared between the teams which include the guiding vision for all company employees including those in marketing and sales teams. Suggestions can be invited from both teams regarding how their daily work enjoins into the larger strategy. By making the teams talk about how they can fit into the larger picture can create encouragement and enthusiasm for future collaboration in order to serve the overall business objectives.


  1. Share Data

Marketing and Sales teaks should be constantly sharing data to recognize trends that can help both of them improve in their respective business spheres. Google Analytics and CRM platform tools used respectively by Marketing and Sales teams can shared for mutual access so that they can understand the customer behaviour from a new perspective.


  1. Sharing of Critical Business tools

The marketing team should provide the requisite tools to the sales team for effectively nurturing any potential lead and bring the customer deeper into the sales funnel. This collaborative working relationship will go a long way to enhance client conversions which will benefit the statistical business outcomes of both teams in the eyes of the top management.


  1. Employ Statistical tools to Reinforce Cooperation

The significance of the symbiotic relationship between sales and marketing can be known from the business numbers. If the relationship is disjointed, it leads to a 5 % decrease in organizational revenue, On the other hand, there has been a major increase of 20 % in the company’s sales when the two teams are in close collaboration with each other.


Summing Up


Integration of marketing and sales team and teaching them to work as an effective singular unit will enhance brand value and the customers will be the ultimate winners. Business professionals can pursue marketing & sales management courses to enhance their career growth. Certified marketing courses can infuse collaborative work methodologies into the minds of Marketing and Sales professionals and this has the advantage of creating open communication across teak lines.


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