How does a workplace change? It changes because the employees who make it up, change. And sometimes when that change occurs, there is a need to re-imagine and reinvent it, for it to remain sustainable.


At other times, as an employee your expectations from your organization may change. At that stage too, revisiting the workplace is what will help you to continue to remain engaged.


This is not the responsibility of just the HR department or the HR manager. It is the job of every single employee. Here are some simple steps in which you can re-imagine and reinvent your workplace.


  1. Change your workstation or conference room décor – A simple step like changing the décor of your workplace or if possible, your team’s conference room can make a difference to the whole workplace. Think of a theme that does not disrupt your organization’s policy and apply that!
  2. Use different tools to work efficiently – Re-imagine how you actually work. So use different tools that can enable you to work more efficiently. Find out methods of delivering your work in a better and different manner. Work out new templates for regular tasks, that can be used by the whole team.
  3. Allow for new-age practices – Introduce and promote new-age practices that can benefit the organization and all employees. For example, telecommuting by using technology, flexible working hours, hybrid roles are some ways to reinvent your workplace. Creating your own unique team recognition system or a regular team event on a weekly basis are some other ways to re-energize your workplace.
  4. Remember to be outcome-oriented – The results are important. And your standard processes should incorporate that. So whether it is the performance management system or the rewards structure, the attributes you hire for or what you train your employees for. The core people processes need a good measure of reinvention in order to create a new and more relevant workplace of today.


These are simple and quick ways of reimagining your workplace. Some of these can be done in isolation as stand-alone steps while a couple of them will need more focused effort from various fronts.

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