Project managers plan, strategize, execute, monitor and complete projects assigned to them, including preparing frameworks, timelines and budgets, as well as create and assign tasks for their project teams to meet the predesignated objectives and goals. They also manage risks and quality. Effective and efficient project management is indispensable for businesses since it marks the difference between a project completed and a project completed successfully. To this end, qualified and expert project managers are necessary since they ensure all the resources are utilized to optimal capacity and maintain overall productivity standards.


Pay Scale

Considering how important project managers are to overall business success, they are offered handsome remunerative packages. Even managers with less than 5 years of experience earn Rs. 5,50,000 per annum and the experienced and skilled project managers earn over Rs. 12,00,000 per annum.


What are the requirements to be a project manager in India?

Educational Requirements: The minimum education requirement to be a project manager in India is to have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject area. In more technical fields, a master’s or professional degree may be required.

Project Management Skills and Attributes: Project management skills include a variety of hard and soft skills which are a must if you want to be a project manager. These skills include leadership, organizational skills, problem-solving, effective communication, scheduling, budgeting, quality management, task management, time management, negotiation, conflict management, analytical skills, team building and risk management. You must be a good leader who can inspire and motivate teammates to be productive. You must be a good communicator who can ensure clear and effective communication with the various stakeholders. Good project managers can multi-task and work under pressure.

Experience: Freshers mostly do not get the role of project managers. Working professionals who exhibit the attributes and skills required to be a project manager are generally employed for the purpose.

Is project management certificate necessary? There are different schools of thought about this. One believes that professionals with subject matter expertise exhibiting some of the project management skills are good to be appointed project managers. While another school of thought believes that project management skills and certified competencies are indispensable for project managers. It is always good to have a project management certificate since it will give not just give you the skills and knowledge required but also gives you competence, authority, authenticity and higher pay packages. There are many top-notch project management programs online to choose from for working professionals looking to earn these credentials.


Project management is demanding as well as a rewarding career choice. So, get yourself trained, master these skills and earn the necessary credentials if you want to be a project manager.

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