The steep and sudden growth of digital marketing has taken the business world by storm. It is not the unprecedented growth that has surprised everyone, as much as the realization of the impact it has. Implications of this revolution are not only far-reaching but also all-encompassing. This revolution itself has given rise to digital marketing certification because the kind of expertise that is needed for this area is something that most organizations did not possess or were not aware of.


Why has this been a revolution? Because it has shattered the way in which marketing or rather traditional marketing was done. There were certain norms that regular marketing followed. Digital marketing has turned those norms into entirely new rules.


Increasing sales has now been modified to engaging customers – Marketing is no longer an ancillary arm of sales, which was used only for driving up the revenues. It is now the tool by which customers have to be engaged and interacted with. Digital marketing is now about ensuring that customer service has reached new levels of service excellence by real-time responses to concerns, even if they are raised on social media.


It is about collaboration and not a competition – A lot of firms are now realizing that digital marketing is about collaboration and not about creating competitive marketing strategies with the sole purpose of pushing out other players. Some companies collaborate with others in a similar space because they are able to discover synergies and use combined digital visibility as a strength.

Performance is being tracked – With the influx of Big Data, the performance parameters have come into play. Digital marketing initiatives can be tracked more easily now and are being assessed on what they yield. While in the past, the focus was more on how much was spent on an advertisement, the shift is now towards how many users or potential users can be reached through one campaign. This is a drastic change in mindset.


It has opened our minds to the skill of listening – Marketing has been revolutionized in a way that it is now about listening to the customer and not simply bombarding them with messages you want to share. Digital marketing is as much about listening ( virtually) to the customers and what they are saying about you, incorporating that into your system and making it better with each cycle.


This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to digital marketing. We are seeing the kind of change that has totally shifted the axis on which marketing strategies have been based so far. This fundamental change is arising from the advent of digital marketing.

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