Knowledge and education is the birthright of every girl child born in India. But sadly, due to the highly patriarchal nature of our society, most of the women in the country are devoid of this right. As we are now beginning to understand, the society cannot function without the active contribution of women but in the majority of the rural (in some cases, even urban) parts of the India, Indian women are still considered to be incapable of taking independent decisions.
On Women’s day 2019, Talentedge wishes all a Happy Women’s Day “When a Girl is educated, Progress is made!”

In order to collectively evolve as a society, women need to be empowered. However, women’s empowerment in India is highly dependent upon various factors such as geographical location (rural/urban), educational status, social status etc. Policies on women empowerment currently exist at both national and local levels in various sectors, including education, economic opportunities, healthcare and political participation but there are substantial gaps between the formulation and implementation of said policies at the community level.

Education is the master key to unlock the door to women empowerment at the grass root level. As per the 2011 census, the female literacy rate in India is 65.46% in contrast with the male literacy rate of over 80%. We have a long way to go to bridge the gap just in the context of literacy rate and even that is not enough to enhance productivity or obtain high-paying jobs, but is essential for women to pursue higher education. Online Education can do wonders for women’s rights, security, dignity and their overall empowerment. The only way through which we, as a society, can move forward and aspire to economic growth is through education among the female citizens.

There are several reasons on role of education in  Women Empowerment in India:

  1. Education Liberates: Education liberates the mind and opens it up to places, people and possibilities we would have never thought of otherwise. Whether you’re studying language, history, science or literature, you are gaining knowledge and educating yourself about the world. About how nature, people, nations and the world works. Therefore, an educated woman is a liberated woman.
  2. Education offers Independence: As education opens up the doors to a new enlightened world, it enables women to make their own life choices about anything and everything, whether it is lifestyle, career, sexuality, life-partner, food etc. Education is the key to understanding the difference between right and wrong, standing up against oppression and gender discrimination and making correct choices in life. Education allows women to ignore moronic societal diktats and live life on their own terms.
  3. Eradicating Social Evils: As mentioned earlier, education is the key to understanding the difference between right and wrong and standing up against oppression; it galvanizes women to take a stand against social evils which plague the society. An intellectual and enlightened woman will actively participate in the fight against dowry, sexual harassment, objectification, misogyny and patriarchy.
  4. Financial Independence: Education has enabled women to go beyond generic professions. Today, women are becoming models, actors, architects, engineers, journalists, lawyers, managers, CEO’s, scientists, joining the army and police forces, and even running the entire nations. There is no profession left which can be said is the sole domain of man. The 21st century’s liberated and emancipated woman is breaking the glass ceiling and finding her own place in society. The educated woman is no longer dependent on a man to provide her shelter and food. She is very much capable of earning her own keep, buying her own house and feeding herself.

Quoting one of 20th Century’s greatest educators, Dr James Emmanuel Kwegyir-Aggrey (1875-1927), “educate a man and you will educate one person, educate a woman and you will educate a whole family.” An educated, liberal, independent and professionally successful woman can shape generations. Only a society that educates and empowers its women can become an advanced society. Education is a woman’s birthright and it is high time we started acknowledging that.   

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