Business involves continuous selecting and hiring of the right people who can contribute to the growth of the organization. The primary responsibility of an HR recruiter is to hire the most suitable employees for new job positions within the organization and to retain them tactfully. In order to fulfil the company’s exact requirements, it is the job of the HR recruiter to develop and execute new recruitment strategies.


However, recruitment is a tough job. A recruiter is usually sandwiched between the expectations of organization and candidates. If you are aspiring to become a recruiter, it is pertinent that you know what roles you are expected to fulfil.


Identify Talent Needs

Recruitment does not happen around the year. It has to be a tactful strategy that needs to be driven as per the organization’s talent requirements. Hence, a recruiter is expected to stay tuned for the developments in the company and regularly monitor if any potential job opportunities will arise. Doing this kind of estimate will save from last-minute hiring woes and recruiting the wrong fit.


Prepare Job Description

After identifying the talent need, the next job is to prepare a job description. A company is always in search of the most desirable skills in employees who can prove an asset to their organization. It depends on the HR recruiter whether s/he is efficient to find the right person. A recruiter prepares job description stating the education, experience, knowledge and skills required for the said position. This job description is then posted on various job portals and forums for candidates to understand their role.


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Conduct Interviews, Background Screening and Orientation

Of course, this is the most obvious task of a recruiter! After shortlisting the candidates, recruiters can conduct interviews directly or with the help of representatives from the department for which hiring is being done. Once the candidates are selected for the job, the next step is to do a background verification to check their credibility. If there is no room for doubt, the candidate is given an onboarding letter and taken through job orientation.


Build a Candidate Relationship

In order to get the best pool of candidate, recruiters need to be aware of the latest recruitment trends. They need to continuously network with potential employees through social media forums, job fairs, community programs and campus placement drives.


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