With millennials infiltrating the workforce, job-hopping has become a common trend. If you notice, organisations are hiring more than they are able to retain.


1/3rd of new hires quit after about 6 months, which is not a good turnover.


To understand the “how” of employee relations, first, you need to understand the “why” and “what role HR plays in it”. A credible human resources management certification should do the trick. But this comprehensive guide can help you get started.


  1. HR Ensures Hiring of the Right People


HR plays a pivotal role right from the get-go.


  • They are responsible for determining the traits and attributes to look for in potential employees while recruiting.
  • They find candidates that mesh with their company’s work culture and predict how effectively he/she will be able to perform their duties.
  • They influence the way they recruit and what type of questions they ask during interviews.


Simply put, the HR department makes sure that only those people are hired who can fit into the company’s culture. As the more culturally fit the employees are, the less likely they are to leave.

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  1. HR Conducts Motivational Activities at the Workplace


Motivated and Happy Employees = Loyal Employees.


However, keeping employees happy and engaged has become one of the most challenging jobs ever. With more and more millennials taking over leadership roles, organisations have to keep them engaged at all times to ensure they don’t leave. And the HR must know what they need and keep their staff motivated.


For instance, your staff may be feeling burdened by the workload. As an HR professional or manager, it is your responsibility to incentivise and reward employees in keeping them motivated. A credible human resources management certification can help you learn ways to keep your employees motivated.


  1. HR Launches Various Incentive Schemes for Top Performers


Employees need to feel appreciated and recognised if you want them to stay. Introducing incentive schemes that motivate them to perform their best, increasing productivity. Furthermore, when they are getting a little something extra on top of their usual compensation, it is an added advantage when they consider taking another job.


For instance, if your organisation is offering a variable incentive to top performers and others are not, your company will become a top contender. However, one must be careful while launching such schemes; it requires proper protocol, budgetary approvals, and regulations.


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  1. HR Intervenes In Case Any Employee Resigns


There is always a reason why an employee decides to resign. It is the duty of the HR department to investigate that reason. There can be multiple reasons, including not liking the workplace environment, inadequate compensation, lack of growth opportunities, conflicts with coworkers or superiors, etc. The HR team probes into these reasons and solves the issues to retain employees.


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  1. HR Ensures Proper Training to Employees


Training is important.


According to research, at least 7 out of 10 people say that training & development opportunities dramatically influence their decision to stay with an organisation.


This is why providing adequate training ensures that employees have the tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to thrive in their job roles, reducing unnecessary mistakes. So by placing emphasis on employee development, HR gives employees a reason to stay at their jobs for longer and optimise their skill set.


If you are looking for creative tips to reduce employee attrition, read here.


  1. HR Provides a Clear View of Career and Growth Opportunities


For every employee, one thing that matters more than compensation is career growth and promotions. This is why HR provides every employee with new opportunities and career progression. When an employee is offered career and growth opportunities at your organisation, he/she is very likely to leave.


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  1. HR Discusses Employee Issues and Addresses Their Concerns


Employees all around the globe suffer challenges and issues at their workplaces like a conflict with superiors, attendance issues, etc. The HR department’s responsibility is to have a clear and direct line of communication with employees to solve these issues. After discovering the issue, HR professionals take action rather than letting it fester and get worse.


HR professionals that practice the art of conflict resolution will notice that employee attrition is reduced significantly. Of course, before you start resolving conflicts, you need proper knowledge and training in the domain as you don’t want to end up making a bad situation even worse. This is where a credible human resources management certification or program can come in handy. HR programs offer 360-degree knowledge not just in conflict resolution but every facet of the domain.


To Reiterate


  • HR makes employees feel that their job is engaged.
  • HR motivates the employees so they don’t look for a change.
  • HR provides them with career and growth opportunities, so they don’t leave the organisation.


And in its efforts to do the above mentioned, the HR department attracts and retains employees.


If you want to be able to retain employees at your organisation, consider enrolling for a credible human resources management certification. And why go for some ordinary certification program when you can go for the best HR certification from IIM Raipur? So whether you are looking for in-depth knowledge about a career in HR or simply looking to hone your skills, this course from IIM Raipur is the ideal option.

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