A digital marketing manager is responsible for the development, implementation and management of marketing campaigns that promote a company or a brand and its products and services. He or she plays a major role in creating brand awareness and using the digital space to drive traffic to the company’s website and acquire leads/customers.

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What Does a Digital Marketer do exactly?


The primary role of a digital marketer is to get the word about the brand out in digital space.


Role of a Digital Marketer in India


A digital marketer is responsible for managing all the marketing campaigns that promote a company and its products. He or she plays a major role in enhancing brand awareness into the digital space to drive traffic and acquire leads/customers.




A digital marketer also helps identify and evaluate new digital technologies by using web analytics tools to measure website traffic in order to optimize marketing campaigns, email marketing, social media and display advertising.


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Key Responsibilities of a Digital Marketer


  •  Content Strategy

Along with the design and functionality of a website, a digital marketer is also responsible for the website content. Creating and implementing the content strategy to make sure online objectives are met.


  • SEO and SEM

A digital marketer is responsible for ensuring that the website reaches its target audience easily. This includes optimizing website structure and content for search engines and use of paid advertising available on the digital space. SEO and SEM’s purpose is to help drive relevant traffic to their website.


  • E-commerce

A digital marketer is responsible for converting website visitors into online sales. To achieve this goal a digital marketer has to ensure an easy and bug-free online shopping experience.


  • Social Networking

He or she may also be responsible for managing the online presence of the brand by using social networking tools like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Google My Business. These social media platforms allow businesses to keep their target audience engaged and updated about what is happening and make them aware of all the upcoming deals if any.


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Qualifications required to be a digital marketer


Just like many marketing roles, digital marketers also require a qualification in marketing or communications. For professionally established marketers who are looking to specialise in digital space, there are many digital marketing courses and universities that offer a digital marketing certification course.


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Career Prospects of Digital Marketing


It covers a broad range of areas and there are a number of opportunities for digital marketers to move up the ladder. The role of digital marketer in India is growing and marketing professionals who can offer digital expertise are becoming highly sought after.


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How Can You Open the Door to Digital Marketing?


It is not enough to get a certified qualification from a university. To step into the role of digital marketer in India you need to have a certain skill set to be even considered for a job position. Seek guidance from online digital marketing courses. These courses will help you inhibit the skill set you need to become a successful digital marketer.


As a digital marketer, you must adapt your strategy with the constantly changing digital landscape. To be successful as a digital marketer, you have to initiate strategies that will work on your image building, connect with your customers and boost your return on investment.

Some tips on how you can achieve your goal of becoming a successful digital marketer are given below:


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Digital Marketing Terms


The ability to break down online advertising efforts and understand what components work is subject to your capacity to comprehend industry language. You should be comfortable with terms like PPC, SMO, SEO, SERPS, etc. Implications of these terms must be thoroughly understood. Sites like Social Media Examiner, Moz, HubSpot can help you acclimatize yourself with key phrasing used in digital marketing.


  • Digital Marketing Roles

It is essential to understand the significant roles in the field of digital marketing and the essential attributes required for these roles. The role of a social media manager, for example, would involve dealing with diverse social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The role requirement would be great communication skills, excellent client service skills, etc.


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  • Certification in Digital Marketing

Formal training in digital marketing can go a long way in propelling your career. Courses in digital marketing are available in both regular and online formats. You should aim at becoming a digital marketer who is a specialist in any one digital marketing field yet knows about all other fields in digital marketing.


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  • Effective Networking with Digital Marketing Professionals

Attending industry gatherings and events is extremely important. One of the easiest ways to increase your chances of success is by increasing your network. Many opportunities exist on social media to reach innovators, entrepreneurs, and customers.


  • Brand Image

Build and develop a brand image for yourself. This can be done successfully on the web. A strong online presence could be a central reason for your success as a digital marketer. Regular blog posts and owning a site are strongly recommended.


  • Innovation & Technology

Digital marketing is very specialized and information-driven. It would be smart to have a fundamental understanding of HTML and JavaScript. Keep an eye open for any new developments in the area of digital marketing. Keep abreast of innovations introduced by Google, Facebook and Apple.


  • Be Aware of Metrics

As a marketer, you need to rely on a multitude of tools. But what is most important is the experience your users have when actually visiting your website. Analyzing the correct requirements for your business is the basic starting point.


  • Keep a Track on your Sales Funnel

Analytics are especially helpful in assessing how your clients cooperate with your webpage. It would help in improving your online effectiveness.


Keep a Track on your Sales Funnel


A Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy course is offered by IIM Raipur, while XLRI has an Executive Program in Digital Marketing. MICA Ahmedabad also offers a PG program in Digital Marketing.

To be a successful digital marketer it is essential to empower yourself with a formal certification and XLRI online courses are definitely the best in the industry.




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