Sales in an organization are not about selling products but about educating and trust-building. Bridging the gap between the clients’ needs and the company’s products/services is one of the key roles of the sales manager. Here are some ways in which sales form the cornerstone of an enterprise’s success.

Marketing And Sales Management Program


4 Ways Cornerstone of an Enterprise Success


Sales Lead Conversions

Sales representatives have direct interaction with prospective clients. By delivering customized solutions, the credulity and trust levels of the customer are enhanced in the sale department.


Business Growth

Sales play a pivotal role in building a loyal customer base which in turn acts as brand ambassadors to potential clients. The sales department can impact business growth through the power of feedback in social and online media. The essential role of a sales manager is to ensure returning customers.


Customer Retention

Sales personnel should take deft measures to resolve customer grievances. This will create a personal connection between the brand and the client and amplify your brand’s reputation.

Sales managers are the key architects who organize, motivate, orchestrate and undertake a wide range of activities to keep the sales team on target and achieve the crucial benchmarks of organizational productivity such revenue and customer satisfaction.


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Roles of Sales Manager

A sales manager at the same time plays three fundamental roles.

  • Management of people- A sales manager has to recruit, establish and nurture a team.
  • Management of Customers- Through strategic initiatives, the sales manager has to promote customer engagement
  • From the business viewpoint, the sales manager has to steer the business towards profitable ventures. 


Attributes of a Good Sales Manager

Sales representatives who want to climb up the ladder of management can enhance their skills by undergoing reputed sales marketing courses online. There are a few pivotal traits that every expert sales manager should have if they want to lead the team effectively.

  • Capability to Forecast
  • Excellent listening skills
  • High emotional intelligence quotient
  • Capacity to Challenge and stimulate Growth
  • Adaptability to motivate sellers with varying levels of experience.
  • A superb understanding of the team’s core tasks


Responsibilities of a skilled Sales Manager

Great Sales manager are hard to find and their job role is invaluable to preserve continuity in salesforce leadership. Some of the key responsibilities and roles of a sales manager are listed below.


Adhering to Sales Targets

Through efficacious planning and budgeting, a sales manager should meet the sales targets.


Strategy formulation

A Sales manager sets the future course of action for the team through the best business strategies and smoothens the workflow.


Brand Promotion

A sales manager is responsible to increase the popularity of the product among the client base.


Team Motivation

One of the pivotal roles of the sales manager is to ensure the cohesiveness of the team members and motivate them to work towards a unified goal.


Final Thoughts

High attrition in sales management is a grave issue. The organization should not expect the sales managers to do everything. Providing sales managers with real authority and keeping them in the executive strategy loop empower sales managers to attain a majority of the business goals.


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