It has been a long day at work and you are too tired to make yourself a meal. Stepping out for dinner is also too much effort. So you do the next best thing that’s quick and easy: you order in. Rummaging quickly through the apps on your phone, you pick one of them, say Swiggy and because you already know what you’re in the mood for – you take even lesser time in placing the order. In less than 3 minutes, you have placed your order and in another 30-45 minutes, it will be hot and ready-to-eat at your doorstep. That was simple, wasn’t it?


But the logistics and processes involved at food aggregator and delivery service provider end in getting that one order delivered to your home is mind-boggling. That, multiplied by the number of orders per day, with over 12,000 partner restaurants across eight cities – the numbers are staggering. Eg. for Swiggy to seamlessly manage all these operations, it has an excellent supply-chain management process in place; especially, if the average number of orders per day is 90,000.


Competition is growing by the minute, and businesses need to have strategies for sustaining growth. Given the e-commerce boom, it is imperative that businesses focus on optimizing the supply chain for improving profits. Keeping in mind the challenges faced in the supply-chain domain, SPJIMR has designed a comprehensive course in Supply Chain Management and it is just what you need if you are looking to streamline your business operations.


Becoming an effective Supply Chain Manager is all about contributing to your organization’s financial success. Learn to work on cost efficiencies, maintain appropriate inventory levels and reduce labour expenses. When you find ways to increase sales and infiltrate new markets, you can establish a competitive advantage over your peers. This course prepares you for such responsibilities at your workplace. You also learn to:


  • Master the key objectives of a successful supply chain manager
  • Develop effective supply chain process to help improve your business’s profitability
  • Understand the major challenges and trends in supply chain management
  • Familiarize yourself with important inventory models for proper implementation
  • Encourage financial success by fulfilling customer demands, improving your business’ responsiveness and develop a value for your customers


The world of business is constantly undergoing change – out dating existing supply chains globally. There is a growing need for decision-makers who can adapt to and implement new technology to optimize an organization’s current operations. Take up the Executive Certificate Program in Supply Chain Management by SPJIMR and be responsible for your business’ financial success.

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