It feels so good to be in the position of a leader, but so tough to fulfil the responsibility that comes with it!

If you are leading a team, there must be certain characteristics that define your leadership style. The question is whether you know your leadership style and are doing things right!


Leadership is an inherent element in the working of a business organisation. Managing a business is just not enough. Leaders guide the team towards new goals successfully. In fact, strong leadership can take even a down-going business to soar heights. Depending on a particular leader’s personality, the leadership traits can vary.


Leadership styles find their place among the modules in a majority of leadership development courses. However, we give you a brief insight into six leadership styles to help you become a good leader.


  • Democratic: This is a participative kind of leadership where the team members are included in problem-solving and decision making. This approach is taken for maximum involvement and work satisfaction of team members.


  • Autocratic: Just the opposite of democratic style, an autocratic leader takes all the decisions, keeps critical information with him and also punishes members for mistakes. This works well in handling critical time-bound situations.


  • Transformational: Here, the leader exhibits transformational behaviour and motivates the team to perform much more than expected, with newer thoughts and beliefs. The charismatic qualities promote a sense of well being in the team.


  • Transactional: Here, the leader promotes compliance by providing financial gains for positive results and meting out punishments for below quality or negative work.


  • Laissez Faire: This type of leadership style is adopted when members are quite experienced and skilled. The leader lets them manage things and allows freedom of thought and decision. Though available for advice, the leader is mostly not completely in charge.


  • Relations Encouraging Style: The leader is completely oriented on the people here. The personal development of the team members is a first priority which in turn encourages team approach and creativity.


It would be unwise to label anyone leadership style as the best among all. In order to be a good leader, you need to adopt the most appropriate style as per the need of the hour. The best leaders are those who learn to choose the right style at the right time, in accordance with the project, the skill required and time frame. Such leaders emerge to be highly successful in their mission.


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