Choosing a career in marketing analytics and research means a whole range of skills that are unique to this role. While it sounds like a regular role in the business world, it needs skills that are the right combination of the internal and external environment. A marketing analytics course will help you gain these skills and also give you an idea of how to apply those to your role. This is a role which is essential for an organization since it connects to decision making with respect to what kind of product, service or experience should the consumers be offered.


So here are some skills that are essential for this role –

  1. Ability to absorb and interpret data – Many people feel overwhelmed when they are exposed to large amounts of data. They get worried about understanding it and then deriving insights from it. A marketing analyst has to be able to absorb the data that he or she needs to work on and interpret it. Sometimes it can be huge quantities of data that he or she needs to analyze. The right kind of analytical skills is critical for such a role.
  2. Understanding of consumer behavior – Most of the data will pertain to current or potential consumers of the company. Therefore understanding consumer behavior is a big skill. It allows the analyst to connect the dots and make the correlations between how a consumer is behaving and how the data seems to indicate that.
  3. Ability to communicate well – Written and verbal communication need to be great for such a role. That is because analyzing the data is great. But it also needs to be explained to the leadership or business teams and at a time even to other functions that do not understand the terms used in analytics. So the ability to communicate the insights effectively is a very important one so that even a layman understands what is being explained.
  4. Awareness of industry and business – Your awareness levels about your organization’s business, as well as the industry it belongs to, should be fairly high. These elements help you to connect external market events to the data that you are analyzing and realize the trends. It will also enable you to forecast insights that are likely to arise.


These are a few crucial skills that a marketing analyst must possess. It is imperative for him or her to acquire these through knowledge and practical experience since no matter how much he or she grows into the role, these skills will continue to be relevant.

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