Unlike before, the modern business scenario has naturally adapted itself to the world of digital marketing. Given the phenomenal rise of digital marketing, the importance of a social media manager has increased like no other job.

Today, every business company demand a social media manager who can integrate the online marketing ‘fundas’ in the overall marketing strategy of the business. Overall, a social media manager has to be a smooth amalgam of a project manager, creative thinker, technical analyst to stay on the top of the social media hullabaloo.


Here is a set of essential skills that define the effectiveness of a social media manager:


Strategy Planning

A social media manager is required to define the potential audience, set measurable marketing goals and choose the right social platforms. For instance, a restaurant would benefit more from Facebook and Instagram than LinkedIn presence. A B2B company will find a target audience on LinkedIn and Twitter. So, the social media manager has to understand the nature of business with deep insight to plan a meticulous digital marketing strategy.


Community Management

The virtual world is flourishing with thousands of communities with varying likes, interests and preferences. The effectiveness of community management is measured by the number of members that have joined and how engaging the group is. A social media manager is required to create new communities as per the brand’s needs and engage the existing ones through two-way conversations. The best possible way to learn thoroughly about community management is to go for digital marketing online certification.


Content Management

As a good social media manager, you must stress on getting just the right content for your clients. Not only the content but also its presentation in the form of images, videos or podcasts need to be accurately used according to your target audience preferences.



Social media managers need to don their creative thinking hats continuously! The digital exposure of people is so huge that your content is bound to get lost in the sea of posts, tweets and photos. So, more creative your digital strategy is, more eyeballs it will grab.


Knowledge Hungry

You can’t get smart without being knowledgeable. If you want to wade through the average crowd and stand apart, get curious and learn more about what’s new and trending on the social media platforms.

These skills will take you on the right track, and you will make your mark as a successful social media manager. Enrol in a certified digital marketing course to know more.

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