Mobile is not coming soon – it is already here. As more and more consumers are rapidly using mobile devices, mobile users are important targets that just cannot be missed. The mobile platform is a massive opportunity for marketers.


Hence, it is only wise for smart social marketers to leverage on this opportunity and incorporate it in their brand and marketing management strategy. Read on to learn why savvy marketers are targeting mobile social network users.


  1. Mobile Users Share More

Desktop users also share content on social media, but did you know that mobile users are nearly twice as likely to share content on social networks than desktop users? This means that the content reaches the audience and is more likely to translate into lucrative conversions.


  1. First Search Starts from the Mobile

When making a purchase, customers consult their phones and begin their initial search from the mobile devices. Don’t believe us? Statistics show that 82% of smartphone users browse through their phone, even when inside a physical store.


  1. Mobile Usage is High Already

Around the world, more and more consumers use their smartphones for everything – from browsing, buying, banking and more. Mobile usage is at an all-time high and it only serves right for smart marketers to tap into this golden chance. When the audience is already engaged, it is wise to make use of it. Isn’t it?


  1. Go Smart. Go Mobile

Smart marketers are already taking advantage of the mobile platform, so it’s time for businesses to wake up at least now. Mobile advertising – paid advertising strategies to reach mobile users, should form an integral part of the digital marketing portfolio. In fact, mobile advertising is at a whopping 41% of Facebook’s revenue.


  1. Mobile Commerce is a Reality

Shopping on the go is convenient, time-saving and efficient. Gone are those days when e-commerce used to be a desktop activity. Now, it’s down to brands to capitalize on the mobile revenue stream to get in front of mobile shoppers.


  1. Customers consume more content in mobile

With people using their mobile and invariably consuming more content, businesses are racing to understand how that they can leverage on this and connect with consumers. It is not just about making the content look presentable in the mobile device, but also about making the whole mobile experience worthwhile.


  1. More mobile, more consumer data

Yes, with more data available from mobile consumers, it is important to track and analyze this data in order to interact and engage potential customers. For example, mobile consumer data allows brands to target according to the consumer’s location, thereby driving more traffic to their store or site.


Mobile is and will continue to be indispensable to marketers. It’s about time companies recognized this and unlocked its potential.

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