Let’s put the question straight. Would you like to hire a service professional with a license when you need one, or just call any Tom, Dick and Harry? Obviously, we want someone with credibility and expertise to do important tasks. The certification definitely adds credibility to the professional, isn’t it?


Same works with certifications in marketing. Completion of a post-graduate diploma in management or similar business management courses is never the end of your learning process. It’s time to move over your management degrees and opt for specialized certifications to make your resume impressing. Here are the reasons why specialized certifications are the way forward.


Competitive advantage

Certifications give you a competitive edge over your peers during interviews and selection processes. Companies will be enthused to hire professionals with credibility and specialized certification. Period!


Better career prospects

Organizations want people who have specialised skills than just another business management degree. There is a great difference in the first impression your resume receives with a mere postgraduate degree and with specialised certifications.


Better pay

A major differentiating factor between the have’s and have not’s of certification is the pay. A specialised certification in your armour lets you demand a better pay package. Survey reports clearly state the fact that professionals with certification are enjoying fatter pockets.


A jump in career

Here is another benefit of specialised certification. If you are looking for a switch in your career, say from a technical role to a marketer, the best way is to earn a certification, After all, it won’t be ideal to go back to the school at the mid of the career.


A constant learner

A certification says more about you than you think. It is a way to establish yourself as a constant learner in front of the management. You gain respect, admiration from your peers with specialised certifications.


Accreditation to your quality

Specialised certifications often act as accreditation for your knowledge, expertise, technical understanding in the career world.  It is a new standard to analyse the skills and quality of a working professional.


With numerous online courses easily accessible in different domains, you can choose the right certification course to fast-track your career growth. It is a way to make the best out of your career!


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