Blogging has become so mainstream that almost every second person you meet is a blogger. But how many of them actually have significant traffic? It is a competitive jungle out there and successful blogging is a serious business.

So let us understand how to start a blog people actually will read.


Decide Theme

Travel, food, parenting or technology – you can write on topics that either you have great knowledge of or are passionate about. The latter does not quite cut it unless you are ready to put in the required hard work to research and gain expertise. While you can choose the theme that you would love to explore through writing, do keep in mind that the topics should appeal to the audience.


Define Audience

You have to be absolutely crystal clear about your target audience in terms of demographics. Would you blogs cater to young, old, professionals, urban, male, female, students, etc.? Accordingly, you would be able to decide the tone and language of blogs to catch and hold the attention of your target audience.


Create Niche

Once you have picked a theme, identify the gaps in blogs present on the internet related to the theme. Research and try to identify the gaps that you can fill. This will help you in offering something new to the audience and also create a niche for you. For example, if you start a travel blog, what type of information you want to offer? Do you want to talk about domestic or offshore travel destinations, solo or family journeys or travel tips? Try to break down to the micro category to craft a niche. For example, topics such as travel in budget or Rs200 per day travel destinations are niche ones.


It’s all in the Name

In the world of blogging, a catchy title is an absolute essential. This is among the first things they tell you in online marketing courses. There are keywords that not only have great SEO value but also make for attention-seeking title openings.


Hosting Platform

There are many platforms like WordPress, SquareSpace etc., on which you can build your blog. But each has its advantages, shortcomings, features and price. You must decide your strategy about how big you want your blog to be and how much you can spend on it before you pick a suitable platform.


If you are super serious about your blog, go for online marketing courses as they can give you useful insights into the practicality of blogging.

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