• In the last two decades, the usage of the internet has increased by almost 1266%.
  • In 2021, almost 3.96 Billion people are using social media around the world.
  • Google holds 93.2% of the mobile search engine market share worldwide.


These statistics clearly show how the realm of the internet and the concept of digital marketing has become stronger over the years. The time people spend on electronic devices is increasing by the day.


7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Campaign


In fact, an average person spends over 11 hours each day on electronic devices.


The number might scare you, but humans are so close to spending every waking hour on electronic devices that it has made digital marketing more important than ever.


Without any digital marketing efforts, your organisation will fall further and further behind in the game called the internet.


So, don’t get left behind! Consider the following digital marketing techniques and how to use them effectively for your industry.



1. Search Engine Optimisation

In layman’s terms, SEO means showing up in Google’s non-paid results when someone searches for a keyword or term related to your industry or product.


For instance, if someone is looking for Nike shoes, the first website result is Nike, followed by Myntra, Amazon, and other eCommerce websites. That’s the goal of SEO.


However, these organic results appear in a list and are ranked based on Google’s search algorithm. As users change the way they search, Google updates its algorithm to provide better results for their queries.


How can you get your company’s website to appear on page 1? By optimising your website using SEO techniques like:-

  • Improve user experience site-wide.
  • Make your posts easy to read and focus on the quality of content.
  • Increase website speed.
  • Include keywords or common search phrases throughout your website.
  • Optimise for voice search.
  • Use long-tail keywords to generate accurate results.


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In retrospect, the higher you rank on Google, the more web traffic your site will receive.


2. Search Engine Marketing (AdWords, PPC, etc.)

SEM covers the ground that SEO ignores – paid traffic. With search engine marketing, you can purchase advertisement space that appears on the top of SERP. The most common paid search being used today is Google Adwords.


Choose a specific keyword on which you want your product/service to be displayed, select the target audience, and voila, the web link will rank in the top search results of Google. Well, it’s a little more intricate than that.


It includes several intricacies like:-

  • Pay-per-click
  • Cost-per-click
  • Competition
  • Long-tail keywords and generic keywords
  • Choosing the right demographics
  • Customer defining, etc.


How do you expect to learn all of this in a short time frame? Well, the answer is simple – digital marketing courses online. One such short-term online program you can rely on is the digital marketing course from XLRI. This 6-months exhaustive online course can help you explore every concept of digital marketing, including:-

  • Marketing in Digital Era
  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Online Display Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Strategic Brand Communication
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Media Analytics


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3. Social Media Marketing

  • There are approximately 3.5 billion social media users worldwide.
  • And, on average, a user spends roughly 3 hours on social networks and messaging every day.


These stats clearly show how important social media has become in today’s technology-driven world. What’s more, it is also a crucial part of every digital marketing strategy.

  • It gives your brand exposure.
  • It allows you to connect with your customers more engagingly.
  • You can gain valuable customer feedback, allowing you to enhance customer service.
  • You can gain more reach when you share quality and compelling content.


So, how familiar are you with the ins and outs of social media marketing? Do you understand how social media can impact your firm’s tactical marketing activities and drive performance? Do you know the application of popular digital marketing tools & techniques?


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4. Content Marketing

Simply put, digital marketing is nothing but the promotion of products/services over the internet. However, the benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing are tremendously high. Ranging from cost-effectiveness to high-quality analytics, digital marketing outweighs traditional marketing.


And since the content is the heart of every digital marketing campaign, familiarising yourself with this digital marketing technique is imperative.


Content marketing provides the production of compelling content, which ultimately leads to higher engagement.


And the higher engagement you have with the audience, the better chances are that they’ll prefer your product/service over the competition.


Things to keep in mind while curating content:-

  • Keep your audience in mind.
  • Remember who you are talking to and what they are interested in.
  • Consider the language your audience prefers.
  • Use the right keywords to boost your SEO.
  • Share content across different social media platforms but make sure your customers are hanging out there.


5. Email Marketing

In the digital age we live in, email marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing techniques. The application is fairly simple: the more targeted your customer base and the more often you communicate with them, the better the results will be for your campaigns.


However, it’s essential to understand what you want from your campaign before sending any emails. If you don’t know who the recipients of the email should be, what you want them to do, and how often they should receive the emails from you, then your email marketing will be less effective.


To Sum it Up

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