“Winter is coming.”


This phrase has given us the chills and thrills for six seasons now. And the much-awaited seventh season has started, winter is finally here.

While all the characters are important to the plot, the most interesting one is Daenerys Targaryen who single-handedly has grown as the strongest contender for the Iron Throne. Over the first six seasons, she has been the only one to grow in wisdom and strength – while others have been noted for their downfall and death.

Daenerys is the perfect role model for those looking to progress in their career as strategic leaders. Her fire and strategy have helped her conquer many kingdoms and become the leader of the strongest armed forces. Similarly, well-defined strategies & their execution help us & our organizations sustain a competitive advantage.


Daenerys may have started with nothing, but she planned and conquered her adversaries. Strategic Management is about setting the right objectives, gauging the competitive environment and strategizing accordingly. She had courage, vision & fire to forge ahead. She cared for her people and took their counsel in any action she took.  Likewise, sharing your vision with your team and involving them is key to formulating and executing successful strategies. Analyzing the internal organization, evaluating the strategies and ensuring their roll-outs across the organization by the management are all important aspects of Strategic Management. With a keen eye for tact & strategy, Daenerys has achieved all that she has and become the strongest successor for the Iron Throne.

You too can take on leadership roles by adding Strategic Management to your skillset.

If you have the fire to grow & succeed in your career, we have the armour of skills. Familiarize yourself with the nuances of strategy formulation and execution with the Executive Certificate Program in Strategic Management from IIM Kashipur. This course will introduce you to a wide range of concepts across strategic management, so you are equipped to take on the leadership challenges in their roles.

In this course, you can learn about Corporate, Functional & Competitive Strategies, Managing Strategic Change and Innovation, Strategic Leadership, Strategy Formulation & Execution, Blue Ocean Strategy and more. You can also learn to apply various concepts through practice on an integrative simulation tool designed by Harvard Business School. Experts from the industry will also be conducting sessions on the process and challenges of Strategy Formulation.

Apart from that, you also get certified by IIM Kashipur, upon completing the course with requisite attendance.  So don’t delay the progress of career any longer. Sign up for the Executive Certificate Program in Strategic Management from IIM Kashipur now!


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