Every organization is established with a goal – that which defines the purpose of the company’s existence. All activities carried out revolve around this goal. Keeping in mind the size of the company and the investment that goes into it, strategizing becomes indispensable for getting good returns on the money spent, and successfully running internal functions. Strategic Management is an important concept for top management and business owners to grasp in order to evaluate business goals & objectives and help the organization focus on efficiency and effectiveness.


In a corporate environment, Strategic Management includes preparing the organization for future opportunities, market trends & risks. Professionals with expertise in it will help evaluate and execute functions, such that they are most likely to achieve the set goals.


Increasingly, organizations are realizing the significance of strategic planning. Not only have they witnessed faster, effective decision making, but strategic management has also proved to cut back costs, motivate and gratify employees better, counteract threats and convert them into opportunities, and improve overall performance. The long-term benefits that Strategic Management brings to the table have put companies on the lookout for professionals with expertise in this domain.


The Executive Professional Development Program in Strategic Management from IIM Rohtak is designed to provide a solid foundation in Strategic Management to the participating executives. This program helps professionals understand how companies formulate and implement strategies and carry out the strategic management process on their own.


The specific objectives of the course are:


  • Enable participants to understand the strategic management process and the impact of the changing business environment and globalization on it;
  • Provide participants with an exposure to the fundamental principles and tools of Strategic Management;
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to analyze the experiences of companies in strategy making and implementation; and
  • Promote strategic thinking among the participants


The program also gives an integrated view of all functional areas of management.  Learn about New Venturing, Expansion, Internationalization, Diversification, Restructuring, Divestment, Acquisitions and Alliances for analyzing industry structure and competitive choices. The pedagogy of this course is a mix of lectures, discussion, exercises, assignments, and analysis of relevant cases from the industry.


You also get a Certificate of Completion from IIM Rohtak on successful completion of the program. Don’t wait any longer to put your career on the fast track. Build yourself a successful career with Executive Professional Development Program in Strategic Management from IIM Rohtak.


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