They have been there. They have done it. And, they have not even crossed the age of 40!  We are talking about people who have redefined and tasted success with their passion, perseverance, hard work and energy at a young age. They excel at strategic management and leadership in their respective fields, and have climbed the heights where only a few can reach.


Let’s take a look at these young achievers.


Sandeep Bansal (Co-founder, Flipkart)

Resilience: No matter how hopeless a situation seems or how many obstacles come in the way, Sandeep always looks at the bigger picture and takes criticism constructively.


Mark Zuckerberg (Co-founder and CEO, Facebook)

Guts: The head of the world’s most popular social networking site firmly believes that as long as you listen to your intuition, you can never go wrong.


M S Dhoni (Cricketer)

Composure: The ‘Captain Cool’ has time and again proven that it is necessary to keep your head cool even in the stickiest situations. Think straight, think positive and see how success will kiss your feet.


Bhavish Agarwal (Co-founder, Ola Cabs)

Explore: Leaving no stone unturned in your research and analysis is what Bhavish Agarwal strives by. If you thoroughly study what people want and what makes things tick, there is no looking back.


Serena Williams (Tennis Player)

Self-Belief: Serena Williams never paid heed to the naysayers. As long as you have self-trust and belief, no person can ever stop you from forging your own path.


Chiki Sarkar (Publisher, Penguin India)

Observation: Chiki Sarkar feels that everyone you meet is worth learning from. One of the ways in which quality work can be put out into the world is through keen observation of people and situations.


Amrita Pandey (VP, Disney India)

No Regrets: Amrita has made some tough choices and done what she had to do. She neither regrets her decisions nor takes failures to heart.


Amber Baldet (Executive Director, J.P Morgan)

Making an Impact: Amber believes that your conscious and unconscious actions define your journey ahead. It is your ability to impact the world, whether in a big or small way, that is critical to your success.


Leo Varadkar (Prime Minister, Ireland)

Ideate: Leo Varadkar made news for his appointment as Ireland’s youngest Prime Minister. A half-Indian by birth, a doctor by training and gay be choice, he believes that it is his ideas which connected with people, not his identity.

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