Leaders aren’t born; they’re made. And yet, many working professionals find themselves in leadership positions before they’ve fully developed the essential skills to build winning teams and deliver stellar results. In this unique Online Certificate program in Leadership & Strategic Management, personally designed by Jack Welch, students learn how to hire, motivate, coach, and inspire with confidence, ultimately mastering the art of leadership for today and tomorrow. Completion of this course will help participants:


  • Gain a deeper understanding of what leadership is all about and how to apply it to everyday life
  • Identify powerful principles and practices critical to becoming a successful leader
  • Build and lead winning teams
  • Comprehend nuances of performance management and how to measure what really matters
  • Learn the importance of continuous improvement and innovation in fostering growth
  • Evaluate and overcome leadership challenges

Who Should Attend


  • Managers, supervisors and business leaders, responsible for leading teams small or large.
  • Professionals working with multiple stakeholders across multi-locational or multi-cultural teams.
  • Working executives with a responsibility to contribute to the growth of their organizations.
  • Young executives who are about to move into higher managerial roles.
  • Individual contributors aspiring to management who are deeply interesting in understanding and sharpening their leadership skills.


About Jack Welch Management Institute


The Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University is a widely acclaimed online educational institution based in the United States, offering a top-ranked executive Master of Business Administration degree and executive certificate programs for working adults. Its unique mission is to transform the lives of its students by providing them with the tools to become better leaders, build great teams, and help their organizations win.


The program is personally led by Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric. Jack is one of the world’s most respected and celebrated CEOs, known for his unmatched track record of success, enormous love of people, fierce passion for winning, and unbridled desire to change the world for the better using his unique management practices. Working closely with an outstanding faculty, Jack Welch is engaged in every aspect of the Jack Welch Management Institute. He appears in regular videos about current business events, hosts live video conferences, interacts with students via email, and is deeply involved in the development of the program’s curriculum.


According to Fortune, The Jack Welch Management Institute is one of the very few business schools that is run like a business, with a laser-like focus on customer service. JWMI’s Net Promoter Score reached a record 77 this summer, surpassing companies like Apple, JetBlue, and Amazon. Poets and Quants have named the Jack Welch Management Institute among the hottest schools to watch this year, alongside Wharton and Yale. JWMI has also been ranked #1 Most Influential Education Brand on Linkedin.


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