Human resources have been a coveted career option for many business graduates. It is an exciting career to pursue especially in the current times because it gives you the perfect opportunity to remain linked to the business while also working with the people. However, in order to succeed in such a complex career, you need to know what it takes to be a human resources manager.  There are many HR courses which are great for understanding the skills, attributes, behaviour and knowledge that are needed for such a role.

Human Resource Management

What do you need to be an HR?

Let us take a look at them.

Skills and attributes

You need the right set of skills to be able to perform in this role. These skills are communication skills, ability to manage top leadership, negotiation skills, time management and thriving in change. These are the primary skills that will help you to work effectively in all types of people-related processes. Along with that, the attributes or traits that define you as an individual, and are your strength areas are what will also enable you to do your role well. So if you are an empathetic person or a mindful one, it can help you to become a better human resources manager. These are some attributes to think of too.



You are the link between the management and the employees. You are also the person who has the opportunity to balance the positive news with the non-positive ones, pertaining to the internal events in an organization. Therefore demonstrating the right set of behaviour is what it takes for you to be an HR manager. Your behaviour should make you approachable and viewed as a person who is fair, as well as transparent. You should be able to listen well to what the employees share, and also gauge the leadership’s perspective.



A good certification or course will give you the knowledge and concepts that your role requires. You need to get on board the organization’s way of functioning. But the principles of the core, as well as emerging HR disciplines, are critical to know. So spending time and effort in making yourself conceptually sound, and knowledgeable is good. Your knowledge should also keep getting updated and expanded depending on the business climate that changes around you.


These are the broad buckets of things that it takes to become a human resources manager. As you prepare for such a role, make sure to go through these in detail and create your own personal development or action plan for acquiring these.



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