We keep hearing about brands and how some of them have survived over many generations and across continents. Having a strong identity is essential for any company if it wants to grow and develop. There are many popular names one can think of. This recall comes from managing those identities very well and ensuring that they earn the loyalty of customers. It is not an easy job in a competitive market where many products jostle for a place of their own. This is what brand managers do.

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Who Are Brand Managers?

Simply put, they are those who create, develop, and nurture a product’s or company’s identity. They must make certain that a name can connect with present and future buyers. It is their job to create an identity for an item people can easily relate to. This is essential to improve sales and profitability. Brand management is also essential to create customer loyalty for a product. An MBA without job experience can specialize in this field to get into this profession.


A brand manager is very important to a firm because products require constant attention to ensure that they remain visible in the market. These professionals will keep an eye on to make sure competitors don’t divert customers away from their product. It is also essential to regularly have campaigns and other activities to get brand names familiar with new buyers. They are also responsible for ensuring that each product improves its performance and brings more profit to the company.


We are now aware of what brand managers are and their responsibilities. It is also essential for masters in business management to know in detail what activities are performed by these officials.


Responsibilities Of A Brand Manager


Overall Management

A brand manager is responsible for all activities related to the merchandise. Though he or she need not do these tasks themselves, they must surely oversee all activities related to a product. This involves ensuring that regular communication is sent to existing and future clients. These messages must also represent the brand in all ways. They must possess all physical characteristics of a product like color, theme, design, etc. The person must also ensure that all ad campaigns are conducted as per schedule.



Market Analysis

An MBA without job experience in this field must be equipped with analytical skills if he or she wants to excel as a brand manager. It is necessary to use analytics to find out market and customer behavior so that products can be suitably positioned. Analyzing past sales data also helps in knowing when there will be a spurt or drop in demand for a brand. This knowledge can be used for conducting special campaigns. A detailed look at competitor activity helps to tailor marketing activities.


Market Research

Before launching a brand companies must necessarily do adequate research to ensure it takes off smoothly. Companies must be fully aware of customers’ needs and whether their product will be able to satisfy them. An adequate study must also be made about competitors and how an item can be made to carve a niche for itself. Brand managers must also be constantly aware of changing consumer behavior to ensure that their products do not become outdated. A brand must always remain relevant to the latest customer preferences.


Formulate Strategies

Those who have completed courses for masters in business management know that a clear marketing strategy must be formulated before launching a brand. These courses are excellent for specializing in marketing. There must also be both short-term and long-term plans for the growth of a product. All strategies must be made to suit particular markets. It will include creating an identity for an item along with clear guidelines about how the promotion must be done. Brand managers must also strategize marketing campaigns and other activities.


Standardizing Communication

Continuity is very important for all brands. People must be able to see that all communication pertaining to an item talks about the same features. All messages being sent to clients regarding a product must be in line with specified brand guidelines. Advertisements in all channels must talk about the same attributes of a product to avoid confusion in customers’ minds. People watching a TV ad, press release, or arriving at the landing page must feel familiarity.


Monitoring Performance

It is not enough to create a brand and launch it. Brand managers must regularly monitor its performance. They must know how an item is being received by customers. It is also necessary to make sure that target audiences are identified correctly and suitable messages are being sent to them. Distribution of products must be done properly. Brand managers must regularly receive feedback from consumers and other agencies with regard to product performance. They must also assess whether any change in items or services is necessary to keep customers loyal.


Planning And Executing Marketing Campaigns

Brand managers must plan campaigns and execute them periodically. It is necessary to prepare advertisement campaigns for various media. He or she must analyze which channels are best for a product and slots must be booked in advance to get messages across at the right time. Marketing communication must be in line with brand positioning. This person is also responsible for executing these campaigns and oversee the making of materials for product promotion.


Assist Product Development

Another important task for brand managers is to help in product development. Their market information can be used for assisting in its pricing. As packaging and design are integral elements of an item, their opinions and assistance are also sought in these activities. They are also consulted about developing new business opportunities due to their constant market monitoring. Brand managers also assist in product launches. These professionals ensure that everything about it follows brand guidelines.


Wrapping Up

From the above, it is quite evident that a person in this position needs to wear many hats simultaneously. They must satisfy market demands while also ensuring company profitability. This requires such a professional to have multiple skills. Anyone aspiring for this position must equip themselves suitably before entering the job.



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