2020 is the year of the customer! Now, there is no doubt that customer is the king and the organization’s core strategic management should involve enhanced customer experience and make them happy. All said and done, customer experience is the biggest priority for IT now. With that in mind let’s look at the top 5 technologies that ought to be used by IT for a customer-centric approach in 2020:


  1. Security in 2020

We have been hearing a lot about hacking, corporate data breaches and more lately. Hence, in order to combat this, majority of IT professionals are said to increase their spending on security technology. Adding layers to the company’s line of defense is definitely not something to be missed, indeed. Customers want to feel safe and be secure.


  1. Analytics in 2020

As companies want to interact with their customers and reach out to them, data has taken on an important place, with data analytics serving as a springboard for success. Buying behavior, Customer preferences, performance indicators and more such data are creating a potential gold mine of insights for the business to survive and compete.


Here’s an interesting statistic for you – most of the top organizations report data mining and business intelligence tools as their topmost initiatives.


  1. XaaS 2020

Can you imagine a world where everything is available “as a service” model? It turns out we are not as far away from this reality as you may think. The essence of Cloud computing, XaaS or Everything as a Service encompasses SaaS – Software as a Service, PaaS – Platform as a Service and LaaS – Infrastructure as a Service.


The XaaS model is not just limited to online services. Brick and mortar businesses are benefiting greatly from it. Uber and Ola fulfill transportation as a service, BigBasket offers grocery as a service and food is offered as a service by Swiggy.


  1. Mobile Apps in 2020

Become mobile-friendly or struggle! As mobile devices have become a standard fare for global consumers, IT groups are racing to create mobile apps or design mobile-friendly sites in order to gain an upper hand.


The mobile platform is creating a massive opportunity for businesses to expand their visibility and the future is mobile.


  1. Virtualization in 2020

Virtual reality is in vogue these days. So, why should IT miss out on the march towards virtualized IT environments? Virtualization is not just restricted to Desktop systems, but is also expanding to servers, networks, storage and even mobile infrastructure.


With the modern digital revolution, IT pros are under pressure to adopt proactive technologies that drive change as they head into 2020. Digital marketing initiatives form the core of the overall business strategy. Companies who consider embracing the above technologies are sure to rise and shine in 2020!

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