Small, medium and large enterprises may have a fair share of differences, but there is one thing they all have in common – the need for actionable insights to improve their business. Luckily, business intelligence tools are more accessible and flexible today than they were a decade ago. However, with a plethora of BI tools in the market, it becomes very difficult to choose the best one. So, let’s take a look at the top BI tools in the market that can help you narrow down your options.

Top 4 Business Intelligence (BI) Tools


1. Datapine

Datapine is a powerful and easy-to-use business intelligence software, that enables business analysts to easily visualize, analyze, and explore growing data from multiple data sources.

Features of Datapine

  • Fast & easy data connectors that help integrate common data sources
  • An intuitive drag & drop interface to help build stunning data visualizations
  • Advanced BI dashboard with a touch of modern, interactive features
  • Multiple reporting options like live dashboards, automated email reports, secure and customized viewer areas, etc.


2. Clear Analytics

Clear analytics is another accurate, timely, and clear business intelligence software. This BI tool helps fulfil all business needs. It provides easy extraction of large data from reliable sources and presents it in a professional report.

Features of Clear Analytics

  • Software solutions that require less human intervention
  • Dashboard creation
  • Graphical data presentation
  • Offers predictive analysis
  • Key performance indicators


3. MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy is an enterprise analytics software system that empowers business owners to make informed decisions and transform the way they do business. It offers more advanced and predictive analytics.

Features of MicroStrategy


4. SAP Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence is one of the most popular BI tools. It is an enterprise-level application for open client-server systems. It has set new standards for providing best-in-class business information management systems.

Features of SAP

  • High Flexibility
  • Easy Integration with Other Systems
  • Modular Concept for Easy Setup
  • Support for On-premise and Cloud Deployment
  • Simplified Data Warehouse Architecture


Summing Up

So, there you have it, the best BI tools in the market for small, medium, and big businesses. If you want to learn practical business applications of analytics across a variety of domains, certified business analytics programs are recommended. These online programs in business analytics help cater to the needs of the current market by providing in-depth learning of Text Mining, Machine Learning and Digital Media Analytics. Certified business analytics programs provide the perfect base for professionals and entry-level aspirants to master the art of analytics. These online programs in business analytics focus on proving an in-depth knowledge of business analysis techniques and frameworks and their application in business decisions.


One such course is the XLRI’s Post Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics. This 1-year course is specially designed to help professionals face challenges and complexities of the analytics field, thereby equipping them with necessary skill-sets to adopt an appropriate course of action.



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