Five years from now, almost one-third of the skills that are considered essential today will have changed. By 2020, the world will be introduced with advanced robotics, autonomous transport, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. These technological developments will transform the way we live, and the way we work. With the avalanche of new products, new technologies, and new ways of thinking, employees are going to have to become more efficient and skilled.


Here is a list of the top 4 skills that you’ll require to thrive in 2020:-

  • Complex Problem Solving

In the world of artificial intelligence, computers are getting smarter than humans; humans are being replaced by machines like cars and other automobiles replaced horses. But, machines are still not too smart to make decisions and solve complex problems. Complex problem solving is the most essential skill that every individual should possess. This skill naturally matures with hard work and real-life experience. There are no specific rules or framework that you need to follow in order to possess this skill. However, the best way is to face the problems and stick to them until you find the right solution.


  • Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to think deeply and clearly about a problem and making an informed, logical judgement. It is a kind of thinking where you analyze and examine yourself in order to come up with an effective conclusion instead of believing someone else’s opinions. It requires patience and good observation power. Critical thinking is a crucial tool that helps in implementing innovative ideas and understanding logical connections between them.


  • Creativity

Machines help get the work done faster but these machines cannot be creative; it is the creativity of the person inventing the machine. Corporates hire employees who are innovative, creative and can think outside the box. So, you need to be creative in transforming valuable data into insightful information. Give yourself time to think and observe things before you make a decision.


  • People Management

People management is one of the most imperative skills that every employee should learn for the long-term growth of his/her career and success. As every king needs an empire, every leader needs a team in order to achieve his goal, and this is only possible if the leader possesses people management skills. Irrespective of your profession, you always require this skill because big projects and organizations cannot be handled alone. You need to manage your entire team and maintain harmony between them.


Bottom Line

As our world and the workforce continues to evolve exponentially, it is clear that you need to develop alongside it if you want to keep apace with these changes. So, that’s it! Now you know what you need to do to upskill and improve in order to be successful. Go on, research and find out where and how you can learn these skills. These skills can land you in some pretty high paying jobs and can also enhance personal growth.

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