“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”


The short and sweet proverb above by Antoine De Saint Exupery hits the nail right on the head as it showcases the need for goal setting in achieving dreams. The basic idea of listing down goals is to give a deadline for their achievement and ensure that someone keeps on track while realising them.


While canvassing action plans, be it academic, sport-related, personality development, grooming, and any other facets of life, the mere act of writing down goals to go from point A to B is in itself empowering, encouraging, and gives a due date for achieving those dreams and aspirations. Once the goals have been laid out, one needs to put in the efforts through dedication, hard work, resilience, and start the journey to achieve objectives.


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The same conceptualisation of goal setting and listing down of objectives is performed to incorporate working scenarios wherein managers and leaders sit together and layout an annual plan for helping a company grow further and acquire profitable propositions.

The workable, practical and result-driven plans are set up by taking several consensuses, collecting data across different processes that run through an organisation, taking a close look over resources at a corporate’s disposal, rendering skill-development programs for employees and other agendas to make the firm successful.


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Digital Marketing and its Interaction with Goal-Setting


Establishing plans and goal-setting go hand in hand while envisioning success, growth, and economic returns for the organisation. The modern world is ideated around making lives tech-savvy, and corporates are developing data-based applications that can help achieve the same.


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The digital marketing sector works along the same lines. It is another aspect of digitally transformed domains that caters to the needs and demands of their end-users by monitoring their purchasing behaviours and patterns.


The digital marketing paradigm encapsulates data using eminent technologies such as machine learning, data sciences and analytics that projects output for patterns, trends and robustness of their strategies by quantifying past historical data against present data sets.


A digital marketing course online offered by Indian universities can assist new emerging marketers in developing action plans referred to as strategies. These are the documents that carry achievable objectives that an organisation aims to achieve in its near future.


Digital marketing is a field that has undergone noticeable changes since its inception into the digital world. Hence, there needs to be a regular update of strategies and workable plans for staying in touch with the latest developments.


The synthesis of modern digital marketing tools and techniques are the driving force behind its success and growth as the world’s most profitable domain in the current day and age. A plethora of digital marketing online courses from IIM and other prestigious institutions offer well-planned and detailed course modules that give conceptual and practical knowledge for setting up strategies that lead to favourable outcomes for organisations.


These programs have been designed to expose learners to new and innovative practices in the digital marketing space and their alignment with the company’s mission and vision statements. Moreover, certain aspects undergo a particular 2021 marketing strategy that leads to optimal results.


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Developing a 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy


The paragraphs above explain the essence of goal setting, operational planning and their deployment for a marketing agency’s growth and sustenance. When goals are set in a feasible, achievable and practical manner, it allows managers to shape their goals and the expected results.


The goals could be more revenue generation, increasing brand awareness and visibility across channels, moving in towards better customer acquisitions and others. Strategies help in giving clarity over the vague goals and offer a pathway for working towards achieving them.


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There are subtle elements that go in while canvassing a scalable digital marketing strategy; these include the following:-


  • Ensuring the Company’s Website Complements the Targeted Personas


There’s no denying that the website acts as the organisation’s face and can act as a deal maker or breaker for acquiring new leads, customers and business. Therefore, efforts need to be made to change and update the website every six months to highlight the achievements and services offered by the company.


Moreover, given the increase in mobile devices, the website should be mobile-friendly. It must be developed with the latest techniques such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web App (PWA).


The website needs to be secured, and appropriate firewall systems must be applied to avoid any security leaks and breaches.


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  • Building a Comprehensive Sales Funnel


Digital marketing has a significant impact on influencing sales of marketed goods, products and services. Hence, creating a sales funnel that relates to different stages of a customer’s journey can help meet consumers’ expectations and keep them interested in items deployed by agencies.


To develop a seamless sales funnel, marketing managers need to adjust their goods layout, design and content as per the preference of website visitors. B2C companies often use this technique for increasing their conversion rates.


A sales funnel works towards developing content-based strategy that grabs eyeballs and attracts customers to interact with goods and services offered by branding companies.


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  • Leveraging AI in Digital Marketing Processes


The utilisation of technologies has been a positive addition to digital marketing processes and their different stages. AI has a centric role in detecting customer behaviour, purchasing trends etc., for segmenting them as per demographics, location and time spent on websites to show them their preferred goods.


The latest developments in AI helps in the synchronisation of chatbots across different marketing channels to automate answers and solve queries via direct messages and as inboxes for various social media accounts.


AI projections can help assimilate data from a company’s blog posts, newsletters and other means to assist businesses understand how customers find their products.


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Summing it Up!


Several more delicate elements undergo while developing a result-oriented and successful digital marketing strategy.


Professionals can widen their expertise by enrolling on a reliable digital marketing course offered online in India. The digital marketing online courses from IIM have been designed explicitly to assist professionals in gathering resourceful intel regarding developing workable action plans.


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