Marketing is that aspect of a business that you cannot overlook. We are now living in a world where a significant part of the population is inclining towards online engagements and another chunk is still far away from accepting the digital revolution. This difference has given rise to the debate on traditional vs. digital marketing in 2019.


Deciding between the two can certainly be a challenging task. However, by analyzing the benefits of both digital and traditional marketing and their implications on your business, you can make the ideal choice.


Difference between Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing
Traditional marketing Vs Digital marketing in 2019


Traditional Marketing in 2019

Traditional marketing involves the conventional modes of marketing that have been used since the emergence of advertising as a concept. Traditional marketing mediums include:-

  • Newspaper
  • Television
  • Flyers and billboards
  • Radio
  • Magazine Ads


Benefits of Traditional Marketing

Below are the primary benefits of traditional marketing:-


  • Attracts Local Audience

Traditional marketing focuses on getting the attention of the local audience. You can send out flyers to some parts of the city or air ads on certain local television channels. There is no wastage of resources into a large pool of possible target.


  • Easy to Understand

Studies have proven that paper-based marketing (traditional marketing) is easier for the audience to process and remember. The research revealed that people are more inclined to remember what they read in a printed advertisement than they do on a digital ad.


  • Tangibility

People still like to receive hard copies of brochures or other advertising materials that they can look through at their own leisure. Tangible items are a good way to bring your brand closer to the consumer as compared to finding them on digital platforms.


Digital Marketing in 2019

Digital Marketing is the mode of marketing which leverages digital channels including:


  • Social media
  • Business networking sites
  • Email marketing
  • Blogs and Articles
  • Vlogs
  • Paid pop-ups


  • Reduced Cost

Traditional marketing costs a lot, which makes it an inaccessible concept for budding and cost-conscious entrepreneurs. Digital advertising, on the other hand, is something even small businesses can afford.


  • Scalable Results

With traditional marketing, you have to wait for weeks or even months before you can witness the results of your marketing efforts. Owing to effective digital tools, you can see the results in real time including bounce rates, conversion rates, number of visitors, etc.


  • Quicker Publicity

With real-time results, you also get instant publicity. There is a chain of reaction with likes, shares and comments that help you reach out to a new audience and earn new visitors every second.


With reduced costs, better reach, and scalability, it is evident that online marketing is something that today’s competitive market demands. If you are a budding marketer, going for an advanced digital marketing course will be more beneficial for you to gain a higher career boost in the field of marketing. Digital marketing certification programs from IIM also offer professional certification that further provide competitive advantages. However, traditional marketing is still relevant for a large section. Therefore, an ideal blend of both online and offline marketing is what companies require to achieve their predetermined objectives today.

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