Project managers are an essential workforce in any organisation and relatively a lucrative position for a professional. Project management is not only about ensuring deliverables and assigning deadlines but also includes overall strategic management of projects starting from the initiation stage to the closure. Read here nine essential traits that an effective project manager should possess.


  • Vision of a leader

An efficient project manager should hold clarity of vision about reaching the objective, and it will obviously reflect on the team members to work towards the goal without fail.


  • Strong communication skills

Poor communication skills often lead to misinterpretations between the project manager and the team members. Project managers should possess strong skills to communicate effectively with people belonging to different levels and project management programs help you achieve the goal.


  • Leadership qualities

It is critical for the project manager to have outstanding leadership qualities to manage a solid team and the individual should be able to motivate the employees to put their best efforts on the project.


  • Constant zeal

The enthusiasm of the project manager largely helps in the successful completion of the project within deadlines and this can-do attitude of the leader is a great asset to the team.


  • How to delegate

The trust factor of the project manager towards the team members is very important when tasks are delegated and monitored. The manager should build a good rapport with the team members so that appropriate tasks are assigned.


  • Problem-solving

Projects are bound to have problems. You may not know the unexpected obstacles on the way and problem-solving skills form another vital trait of project managers.


  • Empathetic mind

An effective project manager should be empathetic and compassionate towards the employees. An ability to appreciate the factors that motivate the individual is necessary for the PM.


  • Technical knowledge

Project management is not just people management but the project as a whole.  The PM should have sound knowledge of the technical aspects as well as a basic understanding of the topic.


  • Ethics and integrity

The project manager should maintain the ethical standards and showcase the quality of integrity during the course of the project so that the team members follow the same.


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