2020 was a year full of unexpected challenges – the pandemic, the lockdown, the shutting down of everything from entertainment to offices and schools. Amid all this disruption, one thing that actually presented as a unique opportunity was data analytics.


The adoption of data analytics, AI, machine learning, cybersecurity and other new technologies saw exponential growth. And not just that, companies all over the globe are bringing in advancements to fit into the changing business scenario.


Come 2021, a lot of new opportunities are presenting themselves; several tech trends are going to come to light. To stay relevant, data analytics certificate courses will have to update their curriculum. With that in mind, here are the upcoming trends data analytics professionals need to watch out for.


  1. Yes, Data Analytics Will See More Automated AI & ML, And More Of NLP


Experts predict that in 2021, data classification and data modelling will get even more automated. This, in turn, will result in even more accurate and actionable information. If organisations pick up market trends early, it can help them stay ahead of the competition.


On similar lines, NLP has made significant progress in the tech revolution. By helping companies translate natural language queries into the language needed to obtain results, NLP has made data analysis more user-friendly. It helps extract a massive amount of unstructured data and allow humans to make sense of this data.


  1. Customer Personalisation Will Put Consumers Firmly In Driver’s Seat


The pandemic has forced organisations to allow customers to take the driver’s seat.


Be it in retail, manufacturing, or healthcare, more and more customers went digital, forcing businesses to digitise. And more digitisation means more data. As a result of which, you can expect to see more businesses focusing on delivering a highly personalised experience to their customers. Ranging from discounts offers to timely delivery, organisations will put customers forward.


The market has changed dramatically since the pandemic. This means new trends, new challenges, and new solutions. Going back to a college or university is not the answer. To gain in-depth knowledge about the latest trends and challenges, consider enrolling for up-to-date data analytics certificate courses. A data analytics course includes everything ranging from popular tools like R and Python to data wrangling, data visualisation, statistics, market basket analysis, etc.


  1. Customer Data Platform Landscape Will Continue To Rise


As a result of the increased digitisation, customer data platforms will be in much demand. A CDP is a data hub where all things related to data coverage is stored.


When customers surf the internet, window shop, or even scroll down their social media feed, they inevitably leave behind information while visiting a web platform. Companies can leverage this information to gain a 360-degree view of the customers’ journey and capture their interactions. A CDP then provides structure to this data and matches customer profiles, helping businesses segregate data and engage better with their customers.


  1. Businesses Will See Real-Time Actionable Data Consumption


Despite recent advancements, most of the data gathered remains un-analysed, unstructured, and unmanageable. Actionable data will be the game companies will be playing in the coming year to gain competitive advantages.


Consequently, the demand for data analysts and scientists will witness a significant surge. Needless to say, every data analytics professional need to learn how to stand out from the crowd. If you aspire to success in today’s data-driven world, you can do so by enrolling for a data or business analytics program from IIM Kozhikode. By providing you with hands-on exposure to popular data analytics techniques like data mining, data warehousing, etc., these courses aim to help you gain prominence in the analytical world.


  1. Customers Were and Always Will Be The Priority


Companies all over the globe have always placed significant importance on delivering seamlessly to their customers. In 2020, several organisations deployed bots to enhance sales management and customer service. In 2021, despite the pandemic, customers still want to receive the same in-store, white-glove personal experience as they do online.


This is why companies will have to leverage AI to deliver those experiences. Virtual try-on, smarter delivery and pickup options, and interactive virtual marketing events are expected to rise this year. So watch out, people, and consider enrolling for data analytics certificate courses. There are few things to consider before taking a data analytics course. Read here to find out.


  1. The Value of Data will be Recognised


This should have been the first on the list, considering its importance. The digital world will be of no use without data. And many organisations have come to realise data’s value amid the pandemic. And this trend is expected to rise in 2021.


Data helps:-


  • Drive digital transformation initiatives
  • Curate digital data
  • Understand what the customers are looking for


The XLRI executive program in data science, in particular, emphasis the value of data and helps aspiring professionals gain competency in decoding the art of data analytics. Offered on the Talentedge platform, this XLRI executive program in data science enables you to develop a hands-on approach to data analytics and prepare you to generate business insights.


  1. Decision Intelligence will Put It All Together


A company has to make good decisions in order to survive in the corporate world. Data analytics and machine learning contribute significantly to this decision making so companies can enhance their bottom line.


Simply put, decision intelligence is a combination of AI and data analytics, along with the concepts of management and decision-making. This means that decision-makers must leverage machine learning algorithms to obtain insights from data to make the best decisions. In retrospect, decision intelligence will help connect the dots and allow companies to make the best data-driven decisions.


Ready to Face the Future of Data Analytics?


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