Do you think the ‘digital marketing industry’ is growing at a rapid rate? The technology is shrinking the globe every second? Does the latest in Digital landscape fascinate you and you avidly keep a track of the newest trends in the industry by following major digital marketing sites and influential celebrities on social media? Do the major digital players such as Google, Facebook and Twitter fascinate you? Then ‘Digital marketing’ surely is your cup of tea.


We all know that the world is swiftly shifting from analogue to digital space every minute. The consumption of Digital content is on an all-time high, and the smartphone revolution has spruced it further. Space has seen tremendous expansion in the past decade, experiencing exponential growth of 100 per cent within a span of the last three years.


Why Digital marketing?

India’s base of about 120 million Internet users is currently the third-largest in the world. With the given current downward trends in the costs of Internet access and mobile devices, India is likely to have the second-largest internet user base in the world, and the largest in terms of incremental growth, with 330 million to 370 million Internet users in 2015.


Given the above scenario, it’s unsurprising that Digital way of life is fast becoming the epicentre of corporate, social and political activities. The world is not just mobile but literally on the mobile.


It is believed that the key in the near future for building a reputation and informational capital will be leveraged exclusively by the digital vertical and the same gets reflected in the sudden surge of Digital Marketers around the globe. While some doubt the loss of traditional marketing the internet generation has already embraced this as a way of life.


The traditional working verticals (HR, Sales, Marketing, etc.) in the corporate world and otherwise can no longer afford to work in isolation from the Digital medium. The first touchpoint for information for every audience in the world, whether a student or a professional, young or old, urbane or evolved rurally is a digital platform. Whether they refer the company website, online product and service reviews, or shop online, the choices are unlimited. Reputations are built and shaped on this platform every day; therefore it is fast becoming the frontrunner to achieve overall success in every domain.


The modes of digital communication are faster, more multipurpose, and modernized; it is, therefore, foreseeable that once the technology is available the world adjusts its life around it. The development of digital media in India has contributed to the need for skilled and qualified professionals who can not only understand the nitty-gritty of digital marketing but can also lead the critical campaigns individually or for clients in the digital domain.


Digital Marketing from Talentedge

If you are budding professionals looking to pursue a career in this dynamic space, an entrepreneur or a digital specialist who wishes to hone his skills further, the certification course in Digital Marketing from MICA exclusively available at Talentedge can give your career momentum. The comprehensive course includes dedicated modules on Business and E-marketing, Search, Display, Mobile, Web Analytics, Email Marketing and Social Media, to help you adapt to the latest in the industry.


Developed in collaboration with India’s leading education institution – MICA, the flagship course is provided online through Direct to Desktop interactive technology of Talentedge, a unique e-platform that facilitates learning through LIVE classes held by eminent faculty while providing the students with the flexibility to learn virtually from anywhere. This fully virtual course not only promotes anywhere, anytime learning but also provides an interactive learning experience that is better than the real classroom.

Giving you an edge and making a meaningful difference to you, your career and your life, by changing the way you learn — is the challenge we are up to at TALENTEDGE.



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