When you graduate from college, you look for the dream job. As you join the job that you believe is what you wanted, you feel disengaged because it might not have been the awesome job that you imagined it to be. Finding that kind of career success by landing an awesome job is not a matter of chance or destiny. It needs a well-thought-out plan and dedicated effort as well as commitment towards your career.


Here are some tips that can guide you towards landing such a job.

  1. Do not chase someone else’s dream job, find your own!

Very often we come under the peer pressure of believing that what is an awesome job for someone else is the one for us too. That might not be the case. Introspect about the type of role you want, what organizations you want to be in and how you can reach them. Knowing these about yourself without being biased due to someone else’s thoughts or opinions is the key to finding an awesome job that is a fitment for you.


  1. Know your skills and their relevance for the job

Your biggest road-block will be to be aware of which skills are needed for that job, how much of those you possess and their relevance to the role. So be aware of these aspects. Some of your skills will be big strengths that need to be positioned or demonstrated well through your resume as well as an interview, for that awesome job that you want. Work on how to bring it out in the best possible manner, so that the interviewer knows how you are the right person for that role.


  1. Build the right network 

Remember to build the right network which can ensure that you are able to find out and apply for the job you want. Your community networks need to be strong and professional. Spend time and effort in visiting the conferences and events that are linked to your area of work and expertise. Join online groups which have the kind of discussions and people who can improve your knowledge base in that area. Remain in touch with those you meet or might have even worked with in the past.

These are just a few tips to get you started on how to land that awesome job. Ensuring that you are available and visible in the job markets, and online, for the companies to find you is a big element of this entire process.  Keeping your skills updated and always market-relevant is also another way of finding and then applying for the roles you love to work in.

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