Despite the rise of several social media platforms for marketing your product, Email marketing still stays one of the highest-rated marketing methods available. There are several digital marketing certification programs that will outline the importance of Email marketing.


When we have some important information to exchange, the preference is given to Email and they still hold a special place. From regular work, promotional offers and more, we receive all the good tidbits on Email. So, let’s get started  and see what it takes to build a successful email marketing campaign:


Resurrection of the Emails – why is Email Marketing Important?

When was the last time you discovered something you were searching for on your social media sites or Facebook notifications? Updates keep piling and you just scroll through Facebook or Instagram until you fall asleep. Social media is more of an alternate getaway to take a break from our monotonous assignments. However, when it comes to Email, we take it seriously.


Millions of people around the world hold an email account and check it daily. You can use this to your advantage and win customers for your products. According to a survey, there are 2.6 billion Email users and 91% claim that they use email at least once a day, as opposed to other social networks. Digital marketing certification programs emphasize a combination of social media marketing and Email marketing so that you can turn your campaigns into a potent sales machine.


Key Elements of the Email Marketing Strategy

  1. Build your Email List

The first task before you begin to compose your marketing email is to gather email addresses. So, how will you gain a sizeable email list? Some companies use promotions and sign-up offers to entice visitors and gather their email addresses.


Also, convey to your customers what you will be sharing with them in their email and that you will not be spamming. When visitors are willing to share their personal detail with you, it only makes sense for you to offer them something in return.


  1. Personalised Marketing through Analyzing and Segmenting Email List

You have crossed only half the ocean by taking the first step of compiling your email list. Your email list will only be effective with proper segmentation. Segment your Email list by breaking down your subscribers into smaller groups based on specific criteria. Once you do this, you can then send out personalized and relevant emails to engage your target audience better.


Rather than broadcasting your email to the entire list, segmenting your list will result in increased email open rates, boost your click-throughs and decreases your unsubscribe rates. You can slice and dice your list based on attributes like new subscribers, location, interests, shopping cart abandonment and more.


  1. Improve Mail Open Rates

Designing the right content and several other factors play a role in whether your emails get actually opened or not. Let’s look at how this can be done:

  • Avoid spam filters – Show your subscribers how to whitelist your emails and make sure they reach their inbox. Also, make sure that they have actually opted in to get your emails.
  • It’s all in the Timing – Do weekends or a specific time during the day work out more to grab the attention of your subscribers? Analyze your data and work out the right timing to send your mail
  • Catchy Subject Line – Entice curiosity with your subject lines that appeal to your audience
  • Write like a Friend to One Person – When you draft your content, think like a friend and understand the buyer persona. Appeal to them on a personal level to gain more conversions
  • Optimize for Mobile – Mobile is huge and you just cannot ignore your mobile email users. Make sure your email content is mobile friendly with responsive formatting and loadable media


  1. Utilize Autoresponders for Email Marketing

Autoresponder is an automated email this sent to the specific segment of your email list, usually triggered by a specific event like purchase, new customer, browsing behaviour, etc.  The content is created beforehand and saves time for you. They help you nurture leads, build a relationship with customers and communicate with your audience. Here’s how you can devise a great autoresponder series:

  • Choose an objective for your autoresponder – Whether it is welcome sequence, new product launch or offers, make sure to have a goal
  • Write Compelling Content – Personalize the content and deliver value to your customers. Don’t push sales and let it naturally fall into place by mapping out the sequence of events that lead to the purchase.


  1. Monitor and Improve

An email marketing strategy is not designed overnight and requires continual improvement in accordance with changing trends and customer behaviour. So, monitor the performance of your emails and assess important metrics like open rates, click-through rates and unsubscribe rates. Adjust your email campaign and strive to succeed.


Even though email marketing may tend to be historical, it has not lost its charm yet and is here to stay! Due to minimal set-up cost, it has the highest return on investment and can earn great conversions for your business. Become an expert in Email marketing today by learning a professional course in digital marketing.


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