The rapid advancement in technology and the penetration of the internet to even remote locations has hooked people onto their mobile, smart devices. This, in turn, has led to the generation of several quintillions of data every year. It is predicted that by 2020 every individual will create approximately 7MB of data every second due to further improvement in technology. Analytics enables organizations/ users to unearth patterns, correlations and trends from seemingly unrelated and unstructured data. While data analytics is not a new discipline by any means, the availability of such large volumes of data has skyrocketed the analytics industry in terms of size and investment. More fields are incorporating analytics into their work and the number of agencies that provide analytics-as-a-service is also increasing.

Accordingly, there is a demand for over 2 million skilled professionals globally with expertise in different aspects of data and analytics. This demand has been completely met and this has led to a shooting up of remuneration for those with relevant skills and expertise. The academia has responded with courses in data analytics and its various specializations. There are several analytics courses online offered by prestigious universities and educational institutions from across the globe catering to a wide range of target audiences (freshers, graduate students, mid-level professionals, senior-level professionals, managers and so on). The advent of these analytics courses online has enabled even working professionals and graduate students to equip themselves with these most popular skills and improving their career prospects while still performing their professional and personal commitments.

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PG Certificate Program in Market Research and Data Analytics from MICA, Ahmedabad

This 12-month course, designed in consultation with industry experts, aims to provide entry-level and mid-level working professionals with a strong foundation in market research and data analytics. It enables learners to practically apply analytics tools in strategizing and data-driven decision-making. It is best suited for working professionals, managers, business heads and executives either working in marketing and who wish to use analytics for data-driven planning and decision-making or who wish to make a career in market research and data analytics. Freshers and young enthusiasts who wish to start a career in market research or data analytics will also find this course extremely helpful.

The course is taught by the best in academia as well as industry experts. It uses a hands-on training approach to provide learners to effectively apply statistical and analytics tools and sophisticated software such as SPSS, SAS, etc. to gain valuable insights into various aspects of the business. Based on the findings and insights from the data, learners are taught to plan and strategize business activities. Forecasting is another important area covered by the course. This PG Certificate course also includes a project component and a 3-day on-campus component. Successful completion of the course will enable learners to obtain a certificate from MICA and the participants are recognized as MICA alumni.


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