When your team is working hard to develop products or services by focusing on “its benefits”, it’s quite important to outline a sales and marketing strategy. In case the strategy falters due to some reasons, then your team has to think about ideas right from scratch. So, to help you take the game plan to the next level, you could read ahead to know more about some unique sales and marketing strategies. For improving your marketing skills, you should definitely enroll for the IIM Kozhikode marketing course.


Block dates to attend trade shows

If you are running a business which is still in its nascent phase, then you should attend trade shows organized during the year. While you present your products at a kiosk, you can grab an opportunity to speak with everyone who is interested in trying out the products. Moreover, if you’re trying to promote a range of products, then you could offer tiered discounts. This will encourage the attendees to buy the products as soon as they finish talking with you or someone else in the team.

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Present Testimonials of Your Customers

It’s never too late to present testimonies of customers who have already bought products from the company. You can get in touch with existing customers and request them to send across their experiences and how the product has served to be valuable. Besides, you may also think about recording a casual talk with those customers who are comfortable in presenting their experiences through a video. Later, you can post the video on social media platforms and websites which can help you with paid advertising. If you wish to understand consumer behavior in a much better way, then you should pursue sales and marketing courses in India.


Create Promotional Videos

In case you want to excel in the realm of marketing, then you must create product related videos. Try to think with a creative bent of mind and entice the targeted audience to watch the video right till the end. You may also think about posting behind the scenes videos to show how your team designs products based on industry standards. This will help your brand earn recognition in the market and enhance credibility at the same time. To make the video interesting, you can use some tools and add some quirky special effects.  If you’re keen on learning about marketing through case studies, then the IIM Kozhikode marketing course is something you must join.


Finally, when the sales target seems unattainable, brainstorming sessions need to be conducted every now and then. These sessions would certainly help you jot down creative ideas which could further be implemented to promote various services and products. After all, this will help to differentiate your company from its competitors in the current market. Later, as you perceive steady business growth through the years, you can rely on influencer marketing to generate more leads. If you wish to climb the career ladder ahead, then you should surely opt for the IIM Kozhikode marketing course.


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