The Blockchain technology made its official appearance almost over a decade ago, in the year 2009. Since then, the world has seen a significant transformation in this remarkable technology. From the retail sector to the field of healthcare, Blockchain technology has made its way into several industry verticals, thus making Blockchain trends the most searched keyword.

Clearly, the future has a lot of scope for Blockchain solutions. Let’s take a look at the top emerging Blockchain development trends that are to arise in 2020.


  • An Expected Rise of Federated Blockchain

The term Federated Blockchain is referred to as one of the most significant emerging trends in the industry. It is merely an upgraded form of the basic Blockchain model that makes it more ideal for specific use cases. As per experts, there will be a rise in the usage of federated Blockchain as it provides a more customizable outlook in the form of the private blockchain. For the most part, federated Blockchains are quite similar to a private blockchain, with just a few added features.


  • Big Tech Companies Using Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Another emerging trend to be seen in 2020 is Blockchain As A Service (BaaS). It is a fairly new Blockchain trend that is currently integrated with a number of startups as well as enterprises. But, such Blockchain future trends may not always prove to be feasible when it comes to maintaining, managing, and creating a new Blockchain solution.

BaaS is a cloud-based service that enables its users to develop their own digital products by working in lieu of Blockchain. These digital products can range from smart contracts, applications, to even other services that can work without any setup pre-requisites of the complete Blockchain-based infrastructure.


  • Blockchain is Expected to Transform Social Networking

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that social networking has become an integral part and parcel of our daily lives. In fact, it is estimated that by 2020, there will be around 2.77 Billion social media users across the globe.

The introduction of Blockchain in social media can solve the problems concerned with notorious scandals, privacy violations, data control, and content relevance. Thus, the Blockchain blend in this sector is another emerging Blockchain technology trend to be encountered in 2020.


Final Thoughts

Looking at these recent Blockchain technology trends, one can say that the year 2020 will be quite a significant year with lots of opportunities emerging for people building a career in this domain. There is no denying the fact that Blockchain courses are going to gain way more popularity in the upcoming years and aspirants are likely to impact many different industry verticals significantly.


So, if you are a professional who is looking to enhance your skills in this domain, or an aspirant looking to build a career in this domain, Blockchain courses online are the perfect way to do so. Enrol yourself in one of the best Blockchain online courses and give yourself the chance to succeed and grow.


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