There is always a lot of talk about inbound versus outbound marketing efforts. Many marketers view Pay per Click (PPC) and inbound marketing as distinct entities. In fact, many are under the notion that PPC belongs to the umbrella of outbound marketing strategy. However, PPC and inbound marketing can join hands together and work wonders for your content marketing initiatives by driving the right visitors at the right time.


How PPC helps Inbound Marketing?

It’s quite simple – PPC and paid ads can increase the visibility of your business. When a user searches for something online, the top results would be paid ads. This boost in visibility directly translates to increased traffic and helps to generate valuable leads. It can come in handy to reach out to a highly suitable audience who are on the lookout for information associated with your product or service.


Tips to Use PPC to Boost your Inbound Marketing Tactics

Tweak your PPC campaign to support your inbound marketing initiatives by creating content that delivers desired results. Here are some of the best ways you can use PPC to improve inbound marketing:


  1. It’s all in the Targeting

A campaign can make a huge difference when it reaches the right audience. Before building your PPC campaign ask yourself whom do you want to reach out to and who will be interested in your offering? Make a list of characteristics and traits of your prospective target audience. Learn more about segmenting your target audience through digital marketing certification courses and deliver relevant ads to the right people.


  1. Use the right Keywords

And of course, you need to get your keyword research right. Select the right keywords for your PPC campaigns that have a high search volume. Ideally, long tail keywords work great for inbound marketing as you can gratify the user’s exact search intent. The best digital marketing courses for working professionals will take you through tools like Google keyword planner and more to help you in this process. Explore and find relevant keyword phrases with low to medium competition and high search volumes using these tools.


  1. Create Right Content

After you have found the keyword and have a fair idea of your target audience, it’s time to devise appealing content that meets the needs of your target audience. For instance, let’s assume that you own a car rental service and users who were looking for outstation trips clicked your ads. It’s clear that your visitors are planning their vacation for these trips. So, you can create content that will help families to plan their vacation. You can write a blog post on planning for a road trip with your family and appeal to the users to make the right decision.


These are just some of the ways you can use PPC for an effective inbound marketing strategy. Instead of comparing them, get them to work together to save costs and drive sales. Frame the right PPC strategy by enrolling in digital marketing certification.

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