Besides SEO and social media, how else can you divert traffic to your blog and generate leads to conversions and do so quickly? One method is Pay per click advertising or PPC. With this campaign, you can drive users to your blogs, improve your search engine rankings and possibly improve conversion. You can explore the nuances of PPC through an online digital marketing course to become an expert. Let’s explore how PPC can come to your rescue and grab attention for your blog:


What is PPC and how it works?

Pay per click campaign is a way of utilizing the search engines to divert more clicks to your blog or website, instead of receiving those clicks organically. Have you noticed those sponsored ads on the top of Google’s search results highlighted with a yellow label?


Every time you click that ad, it sends a visitor to your blog and in return, you pay the advertiser a small fee. PPC is a great tool to earn more visits to your blog that too with a trivial fee. For example, if your pay Rs.1 for a click, that click results in an Rs.100 sale.


  1. Devise Appealing Content that Connects with your Audience

Blogging is all about content, so you need to have great content that engages your audience. Also, try to find what keywords are searched by people using Google Adwords.  This way you can design your content around it. Select the right phrases that will promote your blog and maximize your ad campaigns.


  1. Run your Ads

Now that you have your content ready, you can focus on the campaign. Firstly, be definite about your target audience. You don’t want to show your ads to people who don’t really care about it. Set your target audience based on demographics, behaviour and more. Train yourself more about targeting through an online digital marketing course and find the best method that works the best for your blog.


  1. Get Clicks for Few Pennies

Some people are terrified to run PPC campaigns because of the cost involved. But, did you know that you could get clicks to your blog for a few pennies each? You can continue to bring in targeted traffic to your blog month on month. It is a great place for a blogger to get started without blowing their budget.


  1. Target Outside Google

Google is not the only place where you can show your ads. You can also consider YouTube, social media, Bing, 7Search and other top players. Tap into other sources for clicks as low as a few pennies. Explore and experiment with your PPC campaigns, assess the results and check what works best for you.


Learn all about PPC with an advanced digital marketing course and try it for yourself.

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